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Representatives of Avendroth

This Historical Account was taken at Feast of Eagles Rook 2 by Laika en'Naur

Avendroth is a plane of existence separate from the realms. A portal had open up inside Eagles Rook a few days prior to the feast. 4 representatives of this world entered the portal in the realms to open trade routes.

Free Folk- Representative Gerhart
Races- Mixed breed
Professions- Merchants, Skilled Labor
Nature- Pacifists, Educated, Rich.

Agronah- Representative Deirdre (during FoER 1017 the Agronah were represented by Kai (no relation to Kai of Folkestone))
Races- Unknown Humanoids
Professions- Warriors, Barbarians, Mercenaries
Nature- Arrogant, Hot-headed, Proud, Militaristic

Changelings- Representative Goamon
Races- Changelings
Professions- Unknown, possible dark magic, possible assassins
Nature- Adaptability, Secrecy, Stealing/mimicing abilities, Ethically questionable
NOTE: Other 3 races believe Changelings can steal people's faces and take their identities and mimic their abilities. Interaction is to be cautioned.

Bray- Representative Vagath
Races- Beast Folk, Kobalds, Trolls, Short lived races.
Professions- Nomads, Shamans, Druids, Mystics, Stone traders
Nature- Tribal, Bestial, Hot-headed
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