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Lost Chronicles (Letter)

Penned the morning of September twenty-third in the year six hundred and seventy seven
From the court of Gwenethlin office of military science
To the eleventh regiment of field unit of the Westmarch militia
Attn: Captain Gregory Redfist

Captain Redfist

My deepest regrets on the loss of corporal Parchfoot his final death is a heavy blow to
Westmarch and the people of the city greave for him

I regret to tell you that the forces we have sent to aid you have engaged the horn of Yoroi in the
fields two days from your location and they have been forced to dig in and fight their battle there

I fear that you have been cut off from us until the units from Silverport can make it through

But hope remains for you the high magic counsel has determined a ritual that lieutenant
Richardson can perform with the magic staff your men recovered this ritual should saturate the
area with enough healing energy that you will have to worry about neither wounds or death while
you fight within your base camp it will give you strength to hold out until the Silverport armies

Instruct lieutenant Richardson in this ritual using the eighth sphere of healing and the holy and
light mage circles

Four pillars need to be erected each dedicated to one of the component elements to battle
healing in the counter clockwise direction. Begin by holding the staff aloft.

on the pillar of strength place a sword of sentimental value to the unit
on the pillar of life enchant the area with holy light to represent creation
on the pillar of faith place Richardson's holy symbol
on the pillar of loyalty place your crest of office as the commander of your unit
on the pillar of strength place something of unbreakable power, adamantine would work
on the pillar of life place something that is a promise of new life, like an egg
on the pillar of faith place a bottle of holy water in a blessed ordained bottle
and finally on the pillar of loyalty Richardson should let his own blood spill in willing sacrifice

Good luck may the goddess preserve you

General Ironpaw
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