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FoChimeron 24

Saturday night, several adventurers were enjoying dinner in the tavern when 'Istill' (nicknamed Wayland II), Uzu (Red Shorty), and Zhandur (The Mortal Holding The Thing) came out and bore an artifact that they claimed, with enough Will poured into it, could change the Iron Road. They all had ideas on what to do, of course.

Wayland II wanted to make it into a prison for "bad faeries". An impenetrable, un-crossable prison.
Uzu wanted to make it a fort filled with traps, but then it was pointed out that Faeries could not man it to keep the Risen Kingdom out.
Zhandur suggested it become a one-way conduit to send magic down, make it more in tune with mortal magics, and perhaps the Realms could surprise the Risen Kingdom.

In the end those gathered went with none of those base ideas, and instead willed the Delta of Possibilities to be dumped over the Iron Road in the hopes to just make it something more amazing/terrible for the plane of Fae, and hopefully will no longer be an Unchanging Place that the Risen Kingdom can abuse.

Take what is reported here with a grain of salt, as the reporter could not hear very well and was constructing conversations as fast as they could process. -- Sir Iawen Penn
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