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Notes For Something

(also in her spell-book)

1. -- are becoming more severe with each passing day, we will hold out as long as we are able.
We are developing a ward that might be able to protect us from the dark dread's unholy gaze.

2. Our study of a powerful ward is nearly complete. We at Island Keep have found no other ways
to be rid of or to otherwise neutralize the mass.
Our plan is to seal it in the caverns beneath the keep. The close location is purposeful
as this will allow us to monitor the ward's effects and assure that the key will not fall into
unwelcome hands. We expect this ward, though powerful, to eventually fail...

3. I thought it best to write in the letters of our study, lest
this be intercepted. Please send word if you have records of the Great Ward,
placed outside Island Keep, for the notes kept here by our Jaica so many
years ago have been lost to us. In the recent slaughter, the Dark Dread's army
is upon us, and of mages they take no prisoners. If you see them coming,
run with the others. Please survive.
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