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STX AG Quest

Viro handed off a bunch of paper to me that he and a group of people recovered from a book, I believe. The book was called The Legion of Ouroboros. Anyway, here are the transcripts, most likely out of order, but I'll do my best. - Sir Iawen Penn

Ways to defeat the AG #1
Get all their members to come over to the Legion because we are so much better.

Ways to defeat the AG #2
Steal all of the crystals before they can track them down. If they find some, steal those.

Ways to defeat the AG #3
Steal all of their gold so they cannot pay their members.

Ways to defeat the AG #4
Summon giant creatures to attack them.

Ways to defeat the AG# 5
Pit the Guild Masters against each other so the group breaks up.

Ways to defeat the AG# 6
Take away all of their clientele.
West buries you in the land
East binds you with the air
South burns you in the flames
North batters you with the waves

By the land, air, fire and sea
The power of the elements banish thee!
Last Night's Dream
I had the best dream last night.
I went into the Adventurer's Guild
and got all of the members to come
to the Legion. Then I locked
the Guild Masters in the hall
and threw away the key. It
was a great dream...
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