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AG Quarterly

Author: Guildmaster Arturos Damascus
Place/Gathering Discovered: Unknown at this time
Date: Sometime in 1007 M.R.
Transcribed by: Sir Iawen Penn
Thank you for reading the first edition of the Adventurer's Guild Quarterly. Herein we shall provide you with the information you need to protect yourself. Every quarter we will update you on the status of ongoing quests, and distribute all the information we come across related to the threats we face on a daily basis. Expect to find all sorts of useful information for green and veteran questers alike.

Thank you for your patronage,
Guildmaster Arturos Damascus

AG Quarterly

War in Paradise!

Illinarian forced continue to press ever-towards their target of Paradise this week. Though initially stymied by the Chimeronian armies, the Illinarians seem to be gaining some momentum through the use of portals, which seem to allow the invaders the opportunity to reinforce their front lines in the thickest of the fighting. Naturally, the defenders are staunchly prepared to hold the tide of Illinarians at bay until a more permanent solution maybe found, but with the recent arrival of many Tempest-wielding spell-casters are causing great damage, particularly in eastern Paradise.

Apparently the varied abilities of the soldiers wearing black tabards make them very difficult to deal with. One Paradise soldier states, "There were two to our thirty, but the first had poison leakin' from his blades, and his flesh knit itself up wherever ya struck him. I myself severed his arm below the wrist! He just shook it as though he were fixin' his sleeve, and back again like magic his limb appeared, nary missin' a beat. We were lucky one of the men makes it a point to carry a hammer with him for bustin' troll skulls; the fool's bones didn't magic themselves back together after one swing o' that. Even still, when the dust cleared it was me and four others what survived the two of them black-coats."

Morale is high this week as reinforcements from Eagle's Rook and the city-state of Ivory appear from the north-west to aid in the city's defenses. The lady Aberes is currently ruling in this time of war, as Hope has been all but silent these past few weeks. We can only hope that heroes rise to face this threat before the Illinarians attempt some dark witchery and lay waste to the city.

Grot: Our man in the field!

With the inaugural issue of Adventurer's Guild Quarterly, we feel it necessary to bring up Grot, the guild's first journeyman. While he has performed a number of dangerous tasks for the guild, some of the most valuable work he's done has been behind the scenes. Grot has been a very successful courier, and his speedy, non-nonsense approach to the job has netted us a contract with an excellent Rhiassan supplier of components. Congratulations are due to Grot, and we look forward to seeing him continue to rise in rank. Until then, he receives an amulet of disenchant, and reduced pricing on the recharging of enchanted items. Keep up the good work!

The Sun Also Rises

Two years ago there was a sudden surge in the activity of a religious and military organization naming itself the order of the "Silver Dawn". Not long after its inception the church came to blows with several villages that had conflicting views over what constituted a fair and equitable way to practice preaching. It was mere weeks after that a group of adventurers set forth from Victory, Tuath Fasach to deal with an uprising of these zealots who had taken to capturing and torturing men and women in order to convert them to their faith. In the wash it came out that the head of this organization was an aberration of the light of Aurora, some twisted shadow that came about from the momentary and quite unintentional fusion of the Cult of the Serpent magics and Auroran magics. Though the strength of the Silver Dawn was broken by several key members, including two such shadows were slain, the cult persists today and is slowly growing more active once again.

The newly proclaimed Hierophant, a man that goes by the name "Eren Serendock" was available to comment. He had this to say before calling an abrupt end to the interview:

"The Church of the Silver Dawn is not about hiding in the darkness waiting for Death to find you. It is about striding out into the sun with a smile on your face and saying instead to Death, 'I fear you not, for I have accepted true peace and serenity, and you are but a passing breeze that would threaten to knock me down, but I am strong'. It is about living and loving to the fullest capability of the human spirit. The false idols that once led this organization have been toppled by heroes who have our thanks; the Silver Dawn would have perished if not for those brave men and women who acted so selflessly."

When questioned about the capture of a young man from a farmstead last October, Eren had this to say: "There are still individual pockets of men and women out there who followed the shadows and lost their way. Hope still exists for them, but even though they commit great sacrilege in the name of the Silver Dawn, they cannot serve as a window to our great Church."

No public records seem to infer that this church is still committing crimes for its own glorification. In fact, it has undertaken several peace-works in outlying villages, building a mill in one town, and preparing a simple aqueduct in two others.

(The back side of the paper printing)

Mild Winter, Spring Storms

The unexpectedly warm winter this past year 1006 has caused many merchants to both bless and curse their luck. Within the span of the last month of the year and the two beginning months in winter, many workers and sailors found the sun beating down upon their backs, and wiping sweat from their brows. Noblemen were staying inside their cabins in an effort to keep cool. Silk worms that were meant to be sleeping have awoken, mistaking the time for early spring. When the people finally did start planting and working in their gardens, however, the hail came, followed by the icy cold.

The recent storm squalls of April have taken out a small fleet of trading vessels. Lost among this group were the S.S.Journeyman, the Tosco, the Lorelai, the S.S. Seaside, and the Euphoria. "Susano-O-No-Mikoto has been shouting, but we have not been listening well enough," a Teng Huanese sailor was quoted when asked what he thought the reasons behind the recent storms were. This last storm the astrologers of Teng Hua have named Hentenko, and it is thought that it will continue to weaken off the south-east coast; producing high surf and rip currents for the coastal areas of North and South Teng Hua, through Corsica and the cursed lower water regions heading into the south. Scattered showers and thunderstorms can also be expected for the rest of the days heading into summer, especially over the Twilight Isle.

Meanwhile, the same old drizzling rains and upper hail disturbance that has been plaguing the seaboard Gwenethlin areas and Fenmere the last several days will remain in place today. Scattered storms will continue from the Fairhaven area, through Rhune and Hedenkreis, then heading northward through the Empire of Rathkeale, Portsmouth in Folkestone, and the Revenant Isle. Locally heavy downpours may result in quick flooding and locally strong to severe thunderstorms with gusty winds and hail will also be possible. The astrologers would bid that all noblemen take note of their lands and serfs, so adequate shelter and clean-up may be provided before and after, should anything be lost.

Mysterious Tower Discovered! Secrets Locked Within!

Adventurer's Guild scouts have recently discovered a ruined tower east of Tuath Fusach. Stumbled upon during a routine sweep of the surrounding area, Adventurer's Guild researchers have begun studying the tower in the hopes of revealing its secrets. Early reports from the research team indicate the tower was most likely property of a wizard, long since forgotten. The purpose of the tower is still unknown, although the team leader, Jacob Long, has speculated it was most likely for magical research or containment, not a home.

While Adventurer's Guild research teams have been having some margin of success in excavating the surrounding area, the tower's interior is an entirely different matter. Although not populated by monsters or traps, the tower appears to be lacking any method to reach the upper floors. Jacob Long had this to say about it: "The team has poked and prodded everything on the first floor, but nothing useful has shown itself. One of my team members found a number of keys, but there aren't any doors to speak of! Blasted wizards. Why can't they make anything simple?" For more info, and the latest updates regarding this excavation, be sure to check in with your local Adventurer's Guild representative.

Hilt Recovered, Guild Baffled

We heard through one of our workers over by the ports of Gwenethlin of a very interesting story involving pirates, a cursed treasure, and a small form of 'intricate madness' being performed.

The Adventurer's Guild is disappointed to hear of the dealings that went on concerning the treasure that has left the Realms' shores weeks ago. If the item was indeed cursed, we would have liked to have known more information about it. For example, whether or not it is still a threat to the Realms; who hired out this woman to get such a treasure back; why were pirates allowed to seal the deal in the first place; and so on? After hearing who was involved in the whole affair, why didn't a seer look into it, or a paladin or priest purify said item if they knew it was cursed?

The reward money was "divvied up" and given to local communities, but not before the adventurers allowed the pirates to take what they wished first. We of the Adventurer's Guild feel that this decision was a poor one, and reflects on the few men that were leading up that 'retrieval mission'. Rest assured any requests for aid in that regard towards the AG will be fully checked out, so we can provide you with as much information as we can ahead of time. That way, no man or woman is risking their neck for some 'cursed trinket' without due cause. While we do have dangerous missions of high risk, we do not sign people over to their ignorant deaths.

Strange Cult Returns

Karthepox. Until recently this word has not been on the lips on honest folk in the Realms in hundreds of years. The recent resurgence of the following for this diety is troubling. Karthepox is the embodiment of festering diseases and failure. His holy symbol is an eye weeping a tear of blood, underneath which lies three short, horizontal perfectly parallel lines.

The cults of Karthepox are fractured and largely Independent. Though a typical cultist bears marks of disease upon them, they will cover their faces and sometimes hands with bandages to conceal their weeping sores and boils. Over the last nine months there have been rumors of these cultists being found on the fringes of rural communities. It is unknown if these groups are working separately or in coercion with one another.

Should you encounter a cultist of Karthepox, please remember that these people are maniacs that cannot be reasoned with. They are typically armed, and are always considered dangerous due to the diseases they carry.

From linking two of these small cults together we believe that the overarching goal of the church is to create some sort of terrible contagion that would be used to kill every man, woman, and child that it would encounter. The exact method of distribution for these agents is unknown, though it may be linked to what has been so-named a "Plaguemist Pillar", which was referenced in one document by an unnamed adventurer.

What are the motivations of these people? Why worship a god that embodies failure? These are questions we'd like to answer, and I for one won't rest until we do!
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