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Not sure why this small bundle was dropped off at the Tea Tree specifically for me, but after a read I figured... why not? - Andromeda

1003 M.R.

Beastmaster Cecil,

You are not familiar with me on this turn of the wheel, but I was once known as ThunderWalker. I was the one to rage against your father's rise to the throne and was destroyed because of it. What I know now about what has transgressed since our rebirth is though the occasional traveler to my home here on the far side of the White Mountains, and from my own, rather extensive divinations that I began even years before you were born. While you and your fellows were reborn to fight as you have and come to the aid of the multiverse, I have always felt I was reborn, as the eldest son in the chieftain-family of my clan, to train the people I now rule to be warriors against the Umbra and the army of evil that Pathos once controlled.

And although I have trained my warriors in the arts of battle and magic that they would need to aid you in your fight, I then came to learn that my army would have arrived to late, and that you had archived your great victory without ever learning that I would lead to you an army of mage-warriors for you to command. And thus, with the goal of my life faded before me, and my twilight approaching their end, my son has assumed the role of Chieftain, and I am left to being an advisor, and watching the warriors I spent my life training go on to other glorious fates.

And thus, with your victory, we of my tribe celebrated the coming of the Golden Age, and put our arts of battle more to work against the dangers that we face here. Demons, Servants of the Bainen... many of the same foes you fight. And our life is not without danger, but also not without rest and joy. And my son leads a powerful tribe to great victory time and again. But my eldest granddaughter, who has grown up believing she would have a role in your fight, and who has heard stories and fairytales of the great Beastmaster Cecil for years before you even assumed the title, has not given up on her dream of meeting you one day and studying under you to become a great warrior against evil.

So much was her desire that all I could do was send her to the East with this note, and a prayer to Rowanam that she would find battle and victory there under your guidance and tutelage. So, Beastmaster Cecil, I present to you Jeyde, Eldest of the youngest spirit-warriors of the ThunderWalker Tribe. Please take good care of her, as she is most precious to me, and help her grow that she may one day return here to lead our tribe blessed with the wisdom and experience that you would lead her to.

Good hunting to you, all your days.
Elder Teril ThunderWalker


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