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Quar's Pantheon

The story of Quar's Pantheon went something like this:

Quar, when he reached the height of his power, had other, even lesser-known deities on either side of him. They were constantly vying for power, jockeying to gain the best positions (Quar's Might or Quar's Magic) that would keep them (and thus later, their followers) in the limelight (such as that was during the time of Pathos, the Mad King).

While it is rumored that Quar and his Pantheon had other, more True Names, this was what the houses and such the gods went by:

and Ushdui.
- Tsoss and Elgg were twin brothers that had astounding powers of might and yet it was a puzzle as to why they kept close to Ushdui instead of having their own house or followers.
- There were also thoughts that there were more lesser known and yet powerful beings at the time of the First Age, and yet most Librarians agree that the Mad King himself most likely got rid of them, harnessing their power for his own.

And then there was a group that had no House, but worshiped a being called The Shepherdess, which was odd as these dark elves opposed both Lloth's group and Quar's, and yet The Shepherdess is clearly depicted when the entire Pantheon is shown. There are no known survivors of The Shepherdess today.
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