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Destruction of the Fury-Bois

Type of Missve: Informational, Written by Quinn of Griffindor
Date: 11/5/12
Responses: N/A
Unto the Realms, and any who would seek the destruction of Bedlam & the Fury-Bois,

This is the first of several missives and a field guide which I hope will help people in fighting the different types of Bois.

First, the Fury-Bois, as they are the most complicated, and require the most preparation.

- Bring an abjurer with Banish
- 5 Circles of Protection
- We know how to *permanently destroy* them
- We still don't know how to *kill* them

Note: I will not discuss how they were created, or how they have the abilities they do. Not to hoard information, I simply want to give you what you need to know to kill them on the field. Also because in many cases, I don't know how they do what they do.

Fighting style:
- Each Fury-Bois is unique
- Their weapons glow purple
- They swing 'Dissension'
- The Fury-Bois have the ability to 'Blink' in an out of existence, this is equivalent to a short range teleport.
- They are intelligent, they will avoid Weapons of Light, and Bois-bane Weapons

The Fury-Bois has weaknesses similar to the Furies. Matched weapons; only effected when other Furies are around; etc.
With that said, we don't know of any *confirmed* weakness matched to a confirmed Fury-Bois.

Weapons of Light and Boisbane have also proved effective against the Fury-Bois.

These methods will only kill them for a short time. They will regenerate in an unknown short amount of time

Permanent Death:
The way to permanently kill a Fury-Bois can be remembered with the mnemonic "5-4-3-2-1"

The Fury-Bois (while dead) must be put in
(5) Circles of protection
Place next to them (inside the circles)
(4) 'Light' spells, cast by
(3) different casters
the Fury-Bois must be
(2) Enfeebled Twice and finally
(1) Banished

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me at Castle Chimeron.

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