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Telerie's Investigation

For Achoria:

Quizzing the merchants as she travels into Achoria, Squire Telerie finds that the merchants are more than happy to speak to a pretty girl, and a blacksmith to boot! Those that aren't are more persuaded by the Hammer of Min, and this is all that Squire Telerie is able to discover:

- If there is a leader there in the Keep, he certainly doesn't care about religion any longer!
- Only the Mandir Xaos (temple of Xaos) has experienced the least amount of damage, mostly because there was nothing to take, and no servant or anyone inside the two times it has been struck.
- Tymora's Mandir was hit the hardest: all money, incense, the statue, all the artifacts including the pedestal and book, all gone. It was easy to in one feel swoop because the front heavy door was already broken, supposedly by an elf named Phoenix Rose-Dawncry Nosetti, many months earlier.
- The were-beings that have been spotted and the ones that caused bites were not of a fur-variety, but scales riddled their faces and hands if and when they were uncovered. They communicated in Common, Achorian, and an odd languages of clicks and hisses.
- The two acolytes bitten: one is from Mandir Eris, and one is from Mandir Luna.
- Since this has taken place, and the Five Ladies seem to be as silent as the Keep itself, many locals are taking matters into their own hands. Some are staying in their homes, protecting what is there. Some have made the trek to the Altar of Equals to petition other gods. A scant few have approached the encroaching forest in the north-west, with the thought that perhaps the new elven gods might hear and understand their plea (they haven't returned). Most are struck with stress and tenseness, but as it is a city, in Darkhealden (aside from this), things are Business As Usual.

Excellent, she thought to herself. Now, has anyone heard anything from or about Lord Valas? Let's ask.

That is the other strange thing, the merchants tell Squire Telerie: Lord Valas hasn't responded to letters requesting newer items to be imported into Achoria, and although he signs the permits he refuses to see any of the merchants at all. They heard about him being very sick over the winter, and thus not only are concerned for his health and sanity, but want to know if indeed Lord Valas Baneshot has any desires to remain the Lord if he's detaching himself in this way.

Oh really... ...and thus Telerie returned to Blackwood to report her findings.
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