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June 14th 1010

June 14th, 1010

Ged 'woke up' on top of a hard surface that slowly moved up and down, as though on the sea. It was still daylight out, but the sun was beginning to set. As he got his bearings, Ged also noted that although the sun was in the sky, the moon was out as well. The sea was around, but the hard surface was a dock, and it was long with a bent angle, firmly secured to a beach.

Out in the sea was a island, and although there are boats on the beach, they all seem tied down. Trees and sharp rocks and dark seaweed lined the edges where land met water, and Ged realized there were two docks. He was on the one closer to shore.

How close is the other one? Ged thought to himself. Also, what phase is the moon? His eyes drifted skyward again, peering at the heavenly body before remembering the answer. Ah, right. Waning Gibbous, so no longer a half-moon, but neither a crescent, either.

Not feeling too impatient, Ged got up and steadied himself, then walked around to the farther dock. Hmm...the farther one doesn't seem to have anything interesting on it. How far away is the island? I'll need a boat. Thankfully, I have those, he thought as he squinted around and then focused on the island. I wonder where my glasses... hey, wait! I can see perfectly well! Since becoming fae this has sometimes been the norm, but... He inwardly cheered as he widened his eyes more, taking in the scene with 'officially' fresh eyes. It was then he saw the body floating in the water, toward his dock.
Ged tried to get a better look at the body. "What kind of being are you? I've got a theory, but something isn't right there, so I'm casting Identify Creature!" ...human? he thought. That's odd...
It bumped up against the dock, having a death grip on a large hammer, and was face-down but Ged could tell it was a male. Tall and long, he wore a blue tabbard that Ged saw from the back, and a colored belt. His bracers had blue roses on them. He was a short-haired blonde.
Ged reached out and attempted to drag him up onto the dock he was on. Then he tried partially, so at least the male wouldn't float away. With much struggling, and getting soaked in the process, Ged hauled the body onto the dock, flipping it over.
He then uncovered the face of Sir Gaiden Shadowfyr, and saw that night has fallen. Behind Ged, tracing a path off the dock, were five women, all wearing Moon-marked artifacts. They were patiently waiting, it seemed, for Gaiden to get up, but he looked quite drowned.
Just the kind of cue I was looking for, thought Ged.
He reached into his pouch, pulled out a piece of paper that wasn't too soaked. My notebooks are good at keeping paper only damp, not enough to destroy the writing on it, thankfully, thought Ged as he scribbled Carpe Vitem and a few symbols on the paper. With a slight flourish, Ged then used his new Potion of Raise Dead. "Carpe Vitem!" he said, ripping the scroll and touching Sir Gaiden's shoulder.
With coughs of water and bits of seaweed, the knight was revived! Ged caught him to make sure he didn't fall back into the water, but his eyes noticed runes on the arm holding the hammer. ...Rangu...what's that one?...Ruta...Utei...and another I don't know.
That's Riiyu and Daara. You've never seen them before, have you? At least, not this cycle. Oh, master, play-mate, friend, and tragic figure...
Ged puzzled over the runes but he noted that the dreamscape was changing and fading. He looked from side to side, blinking as things became blurry...
And then he truly woke up, fumbling for his glasses on the stand and then peering around.
Huh...And now I have a name to ask Rel about.
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