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Request to Aisling

Written by: Aven
Date: January 23rd, 1011
Laurante was in Paradise, expecting the whole 'other world' thing to take place, but instead he had blacked out the entire time. Less than thrilled about sleeping like a human teenager(ew), the dark elf sighed and pushed himself unsteadily onto his feet with one hand. Lots to do... but what to work on first-Ah, right. Aisling?
Evening. I have a question about souls for you.
Would I have to be dead again to properly see the make up of a soul?
Yes. I like this game! Ask another!

Laurante chuckled to the air. Do you know any tricks for separating two souls that were entwined together at one of the soul's birth?
Tricks for something like that? Gosh, no.
came the astonished response. I mean, I've seen ghosts wander around that are tied together, but I'm not a god; I'm just me! So although I've interacted with souls like that, conjoined stars, I've never once thought to try and separate them myself. Why do you ask?
It's looking like we may have to remove Rosetta's soul from Ged's, in order to bring Rosetta back in a proper way. That's the theory anyways: separating souls is a pretty common occurrence in the Realms sadly, but I've never seen it tried on souls that were tied at someone's birth.
Laurante frowned as he finished tidying up his space. Again, that's if they are... If they are, then I need to look at those souls and maybe I'll get some insight.
Ged... Ged. ...OH!...???...Let me look into that for you.
Much appreciated, Aisling. I'll get back to you later, if you don't get to me first.
And with that, Laurante closed the mental link before going on to the next task.
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