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Saving An'kardisa

Type of Missve: Informational Account: Dark Dissent V
Date: 10/6/12
Responses: None
The following is a copy of a letter I've been sending to those who have asked more about what happened last Friday (October 5, 1012).

The premise of our quest was to redeem An'kardisa Shadowseeker, avatar of Luna. For centuries, she had been corrupted by a demon known as the Herald, who masqueraded as the god Dio and forced her to be bound to him. A cult rose up around them, and a legion of elves worshiped a false, twisted version of the Gaian pantheon until just recently. Over the past few years, An'kardisa's four high priests (one for Aurora, Gaia, Luna, and the Grey Man) were killed and An'kardisa saw a prophecy that would lead to either her salvation or her doom. Through visions and letters, I was able to learn of this prophecy and lead a pack against the cult to free An'kardisa from her bonds to the Herald.

We overcame many challenges, and in the end we severed the cord and freed An'kardisa. Unfortunately, the man she loved, Yuri Farstrider (her high priest of Luna), lost his life when the Herald was freed. However, thanks to a boon given by Sir Iawen, the two were able to be taken into Luna's care and move on to their rightful places.

This great victory, however, came at a cost. The newly freed Herald, empowered from the centuries of cult worship, went on a rampage and literally killed and consumed Dio. We tried all we could to rip him away from Dio, but he was too powerful and overcame us. There are two small comforts to this, though. First, we took the body of Dio and were able to pass him on to the Grey Man, who informed us that this was what had to happen and gave us some hope that he could be recovered. Secondly, Asmodeus came to the Herald and informed him that as the new god of nature, he was being watched by Garm and now had to follow the rules of the gods.

There will be a chance, I am told, to return in the spring or summer and try to save Dio. Until then, we will be doing our best to research and prepare to fight the Herald. If you want to know more about this whole story, I suggest you look up the Waking Child in the Library of Ivory.

Thank you for your interest; the more knowledgeable people we can get involved, the better prepared we will be. Let me know if there's anything else I can tell you about.

In light and love,
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