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G&G XIV: The Library of Fae

On May 19, 1012, a group of us were met by Cuchullain, who informed us that the Library of Fae had been destroyed. According to his story, he was researching the Shadowking after Feast of Chimeron, when Bedlam laid siege to the Library (this, of course, coincides with the sacking of Chimeron over in the mortal Realms). He showed signs of his battle in the form of black marks over half his face (important note: the exact nature and cause of these marks were not determined and healing attempts helped to only a minimal degree). During the fighting, the seed of knowledge, from which the Library's plants grow, exploded and the pieces were flung out over the surrounding area.

In groups, we had to locate the seedlings, read the question on them, and write the correct answer on them using the knowledge we have retained over the years. Afterwards, it took four people to bring the seedlings back so that we could reform one complete seed.

There were 24 questions and answers in total. This is the list in its entirety:

1. Two prominent members of the Black Star Guild who have the initials RB.
Ragnar Blackmane, Roger Byecross

2. Three different types of Insectafae.
Baldaquin, Coupant, D'Amandes, Fleuris, Lumineux, Miserable

3. Five sects of the Black Star Guild.
The Circle, The Force, The Shield, The Hammer, The Torch

4. The hero who gave his life to save the future queen of Faerie.

5. Where the first Fae emerged.

6. The king who presided over the Hill's rededication.

7. The first lady of Fae.
Faelinn Shadowmoon

8. The name Cuchullain used as a half mortal when he united the tribes of humans.
Setenta or Cuchullain

9. The city razed by Paris.

10. The original mortal member of the True Fae court.

11. The name of the Black Star Guild member who brought the final Wayland blade that unleashed the Furies.

12. The Fae who first slew Llewllyn, Duke of Magic, at the tenth Feast of Chimeron.

13. The name of the book in which the life and times of the Stag of Morrow are written.
Book of the Ghillie Dhu

14. The name of the newest oracle of Deep Fae.

15. The mathematical expression of the point at which the combined forces of the Realms are no longer adequate to overcome the forces of Bedlam.
Hamofel Saturation Threshold, currently at 0.0519

16. The components needed to destroy a spore-growth.
Ring of silver-enhanced multicolored light

17. The hero who destroyed the last Duke of Magic.
Rel Zhirah destroyed Paris

18. The barefooted woman who led the heroes to Bedlam.

19. The home land of Father Yule.
The Land Where the Sun Never Sets

20. Two of the names of the Harkon siblings being hunted by the Black Star Guild.
Tara, Lucas, Xanas, Corrigan, Korred, Briar/Iris Rose, Aeval.

21. Oberon's consort who became Queen.

22. The name of the most recent adventurer lost to the Darkness.

23. Four names of Northern Light swords.
Tale Unwritten, Light Rekindled (NOT Second Chances), Scions of the Past, Sleepless Night, One with the Universe, Save the Queen, Family Forever, Lions' Pride, Righteous Vengeance, Northern Freedom, Higher Authority, Noble Purpose

24. This noble spirit of change was once the Duke of Trickery.

Before Bedlam reached the library again, we were able to recover 17 seedlings, 13 of which we had answered correctly. Magus powers were used to correct the ones we got wrong. After the seedlings were collected, Cuchullain was able to recreate a Seed of Knowledge which, when planted, would yield the answer to a single question. The seed has been planted with the question "What piece of knowledge do we need, that we don't currently know, that will best help us defeat Bedlam?" and Tara Harkon is tending to it until it sprouts.
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