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More Interesting Dreams

Today brings another dream of darkness. This time I was bound with ropes or something along those lines. I heard a woman's voice and felt the sting of a thorn vine whip cross my leg before startling awake. No feather or other things crossing over into reality this time though. Anyone else have a similar experience?


I only wish I have had dreams.
For me, there is night after night of nothing.


I comhlíon a sparkly cailin and bhean. My dome took a thimbal and their is no more speaking fire, I pointed and paintings and they went away. The black fire wasn't happy.

PO of Blackwood

Got PO to translate into Common (thank you PO):

"I had a dream where a little girl had me choose from various scenes. There were 5 so I believe that there was one to represent each counsel position. At the end there was a woman who warned me about lies. I was also instructed to make a sword and shield and get them blessed. She then blew a kiss onto my forehead, there is a diamond there now. At the end she began to say something else but was cut off by my waking up.

PO of Blackwood"

This little girl is everywhere. I know I'm not the only one who has encountered her. Any chance she's that Inventress I've heard so little about?



If it's who I think it is, her name is Aisling.

-Valas Baneshot


Ok, who do you think it is? The name sounds familiar, but I can't for the life of me remember why.


If I remember correctly, her message to us (Valas and myself), through myself when originally being curious about her (Aisling), she said "I may not be the little girl from before, but I am still the Story-Teller." The Story-Teller has always presented herself to me as a full-grown woman...unless she chooses to appear as a young girl to others still.

I may be wrong, however.



Yeah, that's the one I've been puzzling together lately...


Ah, Aisling was also misnamed by Laurante as a demon at Black and White. The real demon is Chavala. That may be where you both have heard the name before?


Her name is not Aisling, it is just what she is being called now. She is also not a child. If any of you heard or saw the journal entries from young Valas, you would remember her name from them and know she couldn't be a child still.
I had her confused for someone else for a bit. I do intend on finding out more about her. I just haven't had the time.


I may have heard her from the Black and White. I knew that Aisling was at least not the demon that takes the Faerie tithe (aka Titania's Druid) because, well, I spent a month with her. I thought maybe he had been confusing her with the Inventress.

She vexes me though, and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with someone else telling this "story" when we keep being told we're the ones supposed to tell it now. Who was the Aisling from the journal? Was she one of the Black Stars?



I know who she is. The question is exactly how connected all of this business with her is. If she is in fact the same being that Tria, Val and I met, it brings in to question some things about her.


Oh, I see. Sorry for the confusion, I misunderstood.


I don't remember the full details as I just stumbled across the journal info while patrolling the western flank one night. I believe she appeared to him when he was younger and helped him figure out his powers or just make him feel less scared of them? Or she was one of the "ghosts" he saw. Someone with a better memory can probably give you better details.


I think we all had the same sort of dream, though I cannot seem to recall what my end result was. But, I remember the choices, and the girl.

I think I have had dreams with her before.



Some of your deeds were known at Black and White.
More of your deeds are known now.
I send this here; so that everyone might know and not assume other motives.

A reckoning is coming.


Magnus, et al;

Sometimes I like when I am in the dark, this is not one of those times.


You won't be for long. I'll be talking to you by this afternoon.

I as well would like to be informed about what you are alluding to please.

Story time!

PO of Blackwood

I am rather curious what you mean as well, Magnus. Now is not the time for vague responses.


Let me make one thing terribly clear.

I did nothing to Sir Iawen. I don't know where you got this information, but that is wrong. Last I saw her Xaos shard was a few days before I was foolish enough to try and mess with Curse without information. She vanished before my eyes while we were talking.

I have been chided well enough on this point, threatened, and now the only place in these Realms that remotely even reminds me of my Lands, my home, doesn't even feel welcoming anymore. I've had to deal with much more than just the adventurers of the Realms wanting retribution for what I've done. Guilt plagues me enough where I barely sleep, when I do I have terrible dreams, and one of my own relatives was trying to pull things out from underneath me.

I know there will be a balancing, and I await it. Balance is a major belief for Sheshawnii, one of the few things we could call a religion. I will not fight it when that retribution comes.

If you want to know what I did, simply ask. That's all there is to it. I will not refrain from sharing information from those who seek it of me. I hate myself for the things I did without my better judgment.

That is all I have to say on the matter for now.


I would also like to read that part of the journal, if Valas doesn't mind. It could clear up some misgivings I have in my head, or potentially confirm them. I've only got the gist of what was said in the journal, not the actual story.


I think I had the same dream. I woke up and jotted down what I could remember, but I'm not sure if I'm missing important details. Does it line up with your dream Johan? Anyone elses'?

"Pain in the chest.

Darkness- bound in ropes and blindfolded?

Cried out. Blinded by the light... a cascade of withering red and white rose petals.

A low, rough feminine voice goading me to struggle so that I'll break faster.

A whip across the legs... leather. Shards of bone. I could smell the marrow. Pain.


In Light,


We'll tell you more on Saturday.

On an unrelated subject that I was reminded of upon seeing Harlest write. The fate of Masks has been divined. He has not cycled. He is very much dead. Baron Bycross of the Black Star Guild sealed him and caused his death. The exact details we haven't looked into yet, but we probably should. If I don't need my Seance, I'll have it available for your Harlest if you want to speak with Masks.


If there are any of us who will be at the gathering Saturday and can repair a magic item, I can bring to bear an additional path of seer magics.


Because Masks is dead, we "Dreamers" need to hurry our pace and have one of us step up before the Black Stars promote one of their own. In addition, we have another assignment which we must get together and discuss soon. Due to the nature of the assignment, it is best to not discuss it over missive; if the information were to fall into the wrong hands it would mean certain failure for us.


Aymise et al;

Do the Dreamers have 5 strong?
If not, there is need to hurry. Let me help where I can.


Then my goal is clear.

Regardless of who aspires to be THE Dreamer in our new story, I must retrieve Masks and bring him back from the brink of death. To grant him any less is unacceptable. I hope my heart is not alone in this... I know this Deep Fae to be a good-hearted being. I cannot stand idly by when someone like that... Again, this is unacceptable.

Additionally... Should it be within our means, I would see the current fate of my former master visited tenfold upon this 'Baron Bycross' with great fury and prejudice.

I would appreciate the means to speak with Masks, Laurante, regardless of how the Baron's end is devised. Thank you for this information.

I've been quite busy lately, otherwise I would have responded more quickly to this bit of truth. Again, thank you.

In Light,
Follower of Dio

Masks does not need to be revived for us to achieve our goal. As much as I would love to see him, it is distracting from our goals at the moment. He has given us the information we need for now to complete our tasks and it is far easier for us to contact him as he is. He is a Deep Fae, he will not cycle. Let's complete our tasks before time runs out and the Black Stars or some other group gets the positions before we do, then we can go back later and complete our side quests.

- Aymise

Harlest made a drawing in response here, but it's all smudgy now and makes no sense. ~Aven

Lord Roger Byecross is the head of the Circle sect and the leader of the Black Star Guild. There are many things that man should be brought to justice for, especially against those we know and care about.
However, Aymise is right, we need to focus on our goals first. There will be plenty of time to think of other chances and possibilities, though we may not like having to wait. To do otherwise would give the Black Star Guild the time they need.

Freesia, we do indeed have our five. Harlest, Amyise, Johan, Tillion and myself. Part of Masks' message to us was urging us along, stating that the Black Star Guild was pushing to instate their own Dreamer. This may be why, from what I last heard, was why they hadn't targeted any of our Dreamers.


Oh my GOD! Its grumpy fox!
Hi Grumpy Fox. You draw awesome!


PS. I agree with Harlest. Masks deserves better and we should make an attempt at rescue if possible. I agree it should not distract us from the task at hand; but that doesn't mean we don't do it anyway.
I mean...I at least have 2 hands. It looks from the picture that grumpy fox has 2 hands also.

Apparently this is also Curse related conversation from 1010.~Aven.
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