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A Strange Dream

This turned out to be a dream regarding Phoenix Rose's mishaps with the Rune of Curse.~Aven

Last night I had a dream that I thought was interesting enough to share with you all. There wasn't that much detail to share other than I was walking in darkness which i later realized was the dreaming. There was something about a girl, a tower, and a conversation which I can't really remember. When I started to piece things together there was a great screech almost like a crow but much larger. Then I heard wing beats and felt the buffeted by the air from the wings. I started to run and then woke up.

The interesting part to it all is that on my pillow was a large black feather. Any thoughts?



My questions about the dream right now: Did she sing? What did she look like?

The feather, how big is it? Is it obviously a crow's or perhaps a raven's?

I am a visual person, so seeing, touching, and hearing all at once help me to piece things together better.



This is not a 5 Counselors matter. I know the dream you speak of and will talk to you about it privately soon.

Laurante D'Rhian

I would like to hear about this as well when you have the opportunity. I woke will a feather on my pillow as well.

I also had the dream.


As did I.


These are the dreamers (but not necessarily Dreamers) who dreamt the same dream:

Myself (Harlest)
(Presumably) Laurante

Anyone else wake up with what appears to be a crow's feather?

I'll have to bother you about it later Laurante, it doesn't immediately fit any open pieces in the puzzles that are in my mind at the moment.

I've been very busy. I know I have a few people waiting on replies from me for things- I apologize but I'll have to respond to many of them next week.

In Light,
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