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Missives about the Rhymer

From just after Black and White 1010. ~Aven

Good day to all,

You are receiving this letter because at the Black and White Masquerade those of us who were present made a list of each person who was seeking to take direct part in aiding the five councilors. This is in hope of fostering an even spreading of information in order to benefit the whole group.

I have contracted letter carriers to deliver copies of missives to each person on our list. Should you find that you were contacted by a letter carrier incorrectly or do not wish to be contacted, please instruct them of your intentions and I will be notified. Thank you for your time,

~Johan del Var

Thank you, Johan. A list like this is definitely a vast improvement to trying to remember everyone's name, especially considering that we hope/need to add more to our ranks. If memory serves me correctly, you stood with the Dreamers at the Black and White. Is that correct? If you or Dame Freesia (I remember she also was recording names) could provide us with a list of who we have with us so far, I think that would be most appreciated.

Tria Highwater

Greetings and thanks are both in order, Johan. I am in agreement with Tria, this is much easier. This should be a great deal more helpful in organizing when all of us will be in the same place, to discuss things.

Also, if needed, I can name those who walk each path, to the best of my knowledge as well.

(May you dance with good fortune)
Phoenix Rose Dawncry-Nosetti

The list as I know it is as follows;

Dreamer: Johan, Harlest, Phoenix Rose, Tillion

Mage: Ged, Tria, Valas

Druid: Rel, Janus (though he was not at our meeting)

Inventor: Guideon, Shane, Thanius

Defender: Freesia, Magnus, Po, Yume, and Mataiya

Outsider: Laurant

Rhymer: Gryf

Please let me know if I missed or misplaced anyone.


Although she was not at the meeting, do not forget Aymise, who was in the kitchen during all of B&W. She is on the Dreamer path.

I remember encountering more people on the path of the Druid, but I can not seem to remember who they are at the moment.

To those of you who are seeing these letter carriers for the first time, they have been hired for the specific purpose of transiting letters to people directly involved in aiding the five councilors.

The list of those aiding the five councilors has been updated as follows;

Defender: Freesia, Magnus, Po, Yume, and Mataiya

Dreamer: Johan, Harlest, Phoenix Rose, Tillion, Aymise

Mage: Ged, Tria, Valas

Druid: Rel, Janus, Ryu

Inventor: Guideon, Shane, Thanius

Outsider: Laurant

Rhymer: Gryf

Please let me know if I missed or misplaced anyone.

~Johan del Var

Riduku of Nature's Kin is of the Druid Path, and I do remember seeing RuBard there the night of Feast of Folkestone, within the Dreaming. I also believe Orado of Ivory is on the Inventor's Path.
-Phoenix Rose

I'm not positive about Orado. I know he was at one point, but he may be stepping back. That's the sense I've gotten at least. Should someone ask him if he's still involved?

The Rhymer was the 6th Counselor. His story has already been told, but this is not about his story.

Gryf is attempting to become the Bard.

Laurante D'Rhian

So, Tom the Rhymer was just his name, and his position was Bard? This would make more sense, since Titania also had a Bard. Can anyone shed some more light on this position and its function?


From what I understand Rhymer was just a title for his name, like Rime and Ice Mage. He was a bard, whom Mab loved, and viewed his opinion as though he was another counselor. She loved him as she loved the other five, and from what I understand, more. The Five plus one...but this is not his story. There wasn't much more to that. There isn't just a singular Bard for a Queen, so I understand, but several.

However, we need to focus on our Five Paths.

On a similar note, Dreamers, have you also received word from Tillion? We should meet soon to discuss our path and each other.


There have been many Bards. The primary function of the Bard is to record and retell the story. I'm sure if there is more to this job the Queen will discuss it with the chosen Bard.


I have sent word to Orado and Riduku.

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