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Letter to the Rhymer

Type of Missve: Personal
Date: October 23rd, 1010 M.R.
Responses: None.
My Dear Rhymer,

I do hope that this letter finds you well. Did you manage to recover your tower or does it elude you? You should visit, if you have the time, I have a number of pleasant gardens to show you, if you will.
As of late I have begun to worry. I have felt so alone, even when surrounded by courtiers. I long for compassion of close friends, the endless hours we could talk, laugh and sing together. Three isnít enough and One is inadequate. It must be Five, or I feel so much will be lost. I need my Counselors, and I begin to fear they will never show themselves.
I know that my honor and duty is Healing, but always within Sacrifice. I wonder if anyone else truly remembers that. I have little more than 25 full moons left, maybe more, maybe less as Faerie wills. I know that my end may be necessary toÖ No I will keep hope alive.
My fear is simply this, a Queen is a powerful piece, capable of many things, but she may be removed by even a pawn. And Bedlam has infinite pawns.
Her Majesty
Queen Nimbus Borealis Bouquet
Queen of all Faerie
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