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Dreams for Defenders

The full moon is shining brightly in the lake’s surface. It wasn’t that place, but it was close. No, no it wasn’t quite. That wasn’t a lake, it was more of a wide river. Either way, you unbuckle the sword from your side, stretching out onto the grass by the bank. For once, you don’t feel the weight of armor or combat on your shoulders, like the thought is just melting away.

What was it like to defend, to protect others? How many times did you stay behind so others never had to? Took pain for someone else, to keep them safe?

“I know. It’s a heavy weight…not just Defenders bear others pains.” You scramble upright, hand reaching for your blade. The figure just stands where they have been, barely out of reach. They raise their hands, palms towards you.

“No fighting. Not here.” The figure drops their hands by their side. “I didn’t come for that.” You frown, hand not quite leaving your blade yet.

“I see you don’t believe me. Trust me, I’d rather not fight, or have any fighting. I’d rather have everyone safe at home.” They smile softly, dropping into a cross-legged position. “Defender, tell me. Do you protect others outside of combat, with other weapons? No blades or magic…do you stand up for others with words? At the cost of yourself? A Defender keeps a person, or place, or object, safe from harm. You are the shield for others…but, is fighting all you know how to do?”

Again, you reach for the blade, and again they raise their hands. “Not as an attack on you. It’s an honest question. When is it right to defend someone? Is everyone worth defending and saving?” The figure laughs softly. “Oh, but what about when you raise your blade against someone else? Do your views conflict with theirs? But of course they do. You are of Water and Sky. Unending and slowly wearing away at those who dare to stand against you.

“She had to live that too, don’t forget. What is Your Story, Defenders? We know it is Our Story…but what of you, and your Path? Why do you walk it? For Her? For peace, for others? All are good answers…but understand that you will need to give so very, very much of yourself to protect. Merely pulling up a shield or magic doesn’t save you. Holding information doesn’t save a person.” The figure taps their forehead.

“You are all smart. Don’t just be of the idea that answers can be found on the edge of a sword. Who do you wish to protect?” Wrapping your hand around the sword’s hilt, you stand, but the figure is already gone.

Defenders everywhere woke up, the thought of their loved ones lingering at the forefront of their minds. It was sent on the thirteenth night of February, 1011 M.R., crafted by Phoenix Rose. - Aven
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