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Assorted Set of Dreams

Dreamer: Various Realmsies
Date: 01/25/2009
Where dream occured: in the Realms.
Interpretation included: None
You dream of gray sands. They seem to be stuck in a hourglass. An hourglass that has no life, no color, no real spark to it. Truly forgettable.

Much like you.
Your eyes open to a pair of chattering teeth. Strangely, though, you feel a certain familiarity.

“So any luck with those calculations?” you hear yourself say, but it’s in a voice not your own. The teeth chatter once more, and you realize that they have a bronze cast to them. It’s some sort of clockwork … thing. You also notice that you are holding the teeth in your outstretched hand.

“I see. Well, we’re going to work this out. We’re getting out of here soon,” you say to your little friend, and turn your gaze inward. Your surroundings are unimportant right now; all that matters is devising a solution to this problem.

You see stars. At first, the points of light dance around in the sky, as though they were very determined fireflies. Soon, they begin gathering into a pattern… Eventually, you can make out…
  • ****** * * ****** * ** *
  • * * * * ** *
  • ****** * * * *** *
  • * * * * **
  • ****** ****** * ** *
    (it says the f-word)
    So hungry… there’s none of them here. Nothing to eat.

    So hungry, so very hungry. Insides are hollow.

    Hollow out the next one, make your feast. Can smell it everywhere…

    But it’s nowhere. So hungry. So empty. So angry. So very angry.
    “Even where there is no light, Luna watches over us. On the darkest day of the cycle, Luna is still there, and will return in her full glory over the coming days.”

    “We lay in darkness, but Luna watches over us. Change is on the way. Madness will shake down the walls that bind us. Luna, we will always find our way by your light. Deliver us from stagnation and help us reclaim our freedom.”

    The stars flicker silently in the space around you.
    You walk through an open door.

    Finding yourself in a room, you see a large mushroom.

    It has a mouth. It says, “blue buttons.”
    Visions, memories, creations, all flashing by. A place of many things from so many heads. Things people cherish, hate, or fear. So many of them, created by others, flowing through yours.
    Pancakes! Pancakes everywhere! Delicious yummy pancakes. They're everywhere and just the greatest you have ever tasted. You love eating them. You're so full but they're so yummy. But you can't stop eating. You just keep eating and eating. You feel like you're about to burst. Oh god! No more pancakes! Please, no more pancakes!
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