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Ritual from Realms missive

Type of Missve: Letter
Date: 4/25/12
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Ritual to summon a spirit of the Positive Energy plane:

Step One: Preparing a Site:
Positive Energy beings like bright lights, the color white and clear crystal. Prepare an outdoor area, if you intend to do the ritual in the daytime (preferably at high noon on a sunny day), or prepare an indoor area with a LOT of light.
Put a white cloth down. The cloth should be at least six feet wide in both directions, though larger might be more preferable.
Ring the cloth in clear crystals, and place light spells behind or under each crystal, to better refract the light.

Step Two: Summoning:
This Ritual is best done by a group of four or more. More is better.
With at least one person at each of the compass points, invoke the following:

"Nasci furiae de lux,
Vocatus ad iste.
"Nasci furiae de vitae,
Vocatus ad iste.
"Nasci furiae de spes,
Vocatus ad iste.
"Introeo hic circli,
Vocatus in pax."

Repeat as necessary. It may be necessary to begin with an intervention or sťance, to attempt to open a channel to a spirit that may be able to listen.

Once you have successfully summoned a being from the Positive Energy Plane, you have a couple of options.
1) You may either try and reason with the creature (depending on the type you have managed to summon), and ask it to empower the crystals that you have set out with some of it's Positive Energy. This may be impossible, if you summon something that cannot be reasoned with.
2) You may capture and 'milk' the creature of it's Positive Energy. This will undoubtedly worsen relations between the beings of the Positive Energy plane with those of the Realms.

+ To Capture a Positive Energy Creature
If you intend to capture the creature, when you prepare your site, include two un-cast Circles of Protection, one between the cloth and the crystals, and one outside the ring of crystals.
When the creature comes from the summoning, close the circles. The creature will be unable to leave the barrier.

+ To Create Positive Energy Stones without the willing help of the Positive Energy Creature
If you need to 'milk' the creature of it's energy, have the mage that cast the outer circle remove or extinguish the magical lights near the crystals, and replace the lights with a black stone that a necromancer cast's a use of "Zombie Walk", "Zombie Send" or "Create Zombie" into. Wait for 5 minutes per crystal set down. The energy of the creature will naturally be siphoned out of the creature toward the 'negative energy' in the prepared dark stone, to be captured, also naturally, by the clear crystal before it. Please note, the more crystals set down, the longer it will take to 'charge' them. So, if you set down four crystals, it will take 20 minutes. If you set down sixty, it will take 5 hours.

It is unlikely the Positive Energy creature will survive in our plane for more than six hours without a steady supply of strong light.

If you intend to release it after milking it, be sure to either be clear of its rage (perhaps have an innocent child break the circles once all the crystals have been removed, and all participants in the ritual are safely a long distance away) or have a Banish spell ready.

- Giri Mae Wavichi
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