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Tournaments of Artemis

I went to the first ever Tournaments of Artemis presented by the Huntress Guild along with Cimone, Cassandra and Balthazar. Cimone was there to watch the combat. I was there to enter a team as a member of the Guild. Cassandra and Balthazar were there to help me out. They are both new adventurers from the Chimeron militia. We ended up also getting Dagan of Folkestone to join us since we were down from the five man team we were supposed to have. There were many tournaments over the course of the day, including a wonderful set of puzzles and a dungeon tournament. There were also several new and interesting combat tournaments. My favorite of which was Hadrian's Block. This game involved all the teams being on the field at once and trying to get the block from the center to their goal. Another amazing tournament was Kill the Huntress. The basic idea for this tournament was similar to the classic Kill the Queen but the captain of each team was invulnerable to everyone except the other captain. This made for extremely interesting tactics. The day went through group tournaments and single combat tournaments that also counted towards the team's overall score.
Twen was also running an absolutely amazing soup and baked goods shop full of delicious food and stuff. Between her shop and the excellent snack that were available for the competitors, no one went hungry or thirsty.
I really enjoyed this tournament and look forward to competing again in the future.
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