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What Lurks Beneath

For the third year running, I followed my countrymen into the caverns under Rhiassa. We went in expecting more of what we had been facing, trolls and goblins. We were not disappointed. Almost immediately, we were beset on all sides by trolls and goblins wearing the heraldry of The Eye, the being they follow. But I will get to The Eye in a moment. Almost immediately upon entering the caverns we encountered a horde of trolls surrounding a barrel containing something called “TNT”. The substance exploded quite violently and according to those who can see while dead, we fell downwards for a good twenty minutes while air elementals stripped us of our equipment. When we landed and were raised from the dead, we had very few weapons and less armor. We encountered kobolds and engaged them with what we had and began to strip them of their equipment, working our way back up out of the caverns. Our intention was to work our way out of the cavern, while also dealing with the trolls and goblins as we went. We started to encounter puzzles. There was a large puzzle that formed an arrow, a set of spheres that needed to be deposited into strange colored wells and a board of colors that needed to be covered in matching colored beanbags. In the room with the spheres, I found a large pair of gloves that allowed me to carry the spheres, and I found them to be quite amusing so I kept wearing them. It was not until quite a bit later that I found out how truly amazing those gloves were. Somewhere in the course of the day, we found the skeleton of a worshipper of Justari. I believe he was buried, but I do not know. As we continued to fight our way out, finding our belongings along the way, we encountered something called an obelisk. There were three of them, and they contained messages for us about a group of adventurers from ages long ago who had gone beneath the caverns seeking the ruins of a great civilization and had encountered and sealed an ancient evil being. We then discovered that the puzzles we were solving and the gates we were opening were the prison on the evil. This ancient evil is The Eye that the trolls and goblins serve. It has been calling them to the caverns. An attempt was made to seal the doors behind us again, but the puzzles were disappearing shortly after being solved. There was a serious discussion about what we were doing and if there was another way out, but eventually we agreed that we would make our way out and then return to destroy the evil. One of hte major problems we were encountering as we worked our way through the caverns, was bottomless pits. If someone fell, they would reappear soon, oddly on higher floors, as a troll. We found that trapping them in a specific artifact, a circle of stones, and disenchanting them three times would restore them. There were also air elementals which trapped people in themselves, but they were easy enough to slay once they had grabbed something. Eventually, we made it close to the surface and encountered a demon and a troll shaman in a powerful circle, like we have before in those caverns. This time there was a pit in the center of the room, with a small outcropping of rock with a barrel of “TNT” and several sticks of something called “dynamite”. Sir Oliver and I grabbed one of the sticks and brought it out with us. There was an attempt to knock the barrel into the pit, but it failed. Around this time, I was on rear guard with some of the new members of the Chimeron militia so I do not know what was happening at the front, other than that there was some chanting and then we were told that the demon and shaman had been slain. We made our way out of the caves then. I hope that The Eye still slumbers, at least until we know how to destroy it.
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