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October 19th, 1010 M.R.

Johan already knows -
- Year & a Day in Twilight
- They needed someone to be their Herald
- Speak to the Deep Fae, or speak for Twilight Fae to other Faeries.
- Deep Fae obviously exist, much older and dormant race.
- End of the Twilight Fae
- Deep Fae waiting for Twilight Fae to meet their end before moving on to the next phase.
- When they ran into Bedlam at Folkestone Questing that year, they also found the remains of the Twilight Fae: 3 Females: Moonsinger, Lifebringer, and...
- Male Hunting Party were slaughtered by Gruagach at KoEF Questing. Johan buried them with some people helping, meanwhile the rest of Mythguard (with the help of Rel Zhirah) made off with the Eye, a sacred artifact to the Twilight Fae males that they attempted to keep safe from poachers, but Mythguard needed for some reason...
- They learned through Johan a mortal's courage, honor, loyalty.

Things that the Deep Fae will let him know (as is right now):
Twilight Fae are spiritual beyond measure - Shamanistic/Druidistic people.
- They brought a healthy knowledge of plants, trees, magic, think homeopathic remedies and the like. They are the wise women and men of the forest. They know what gender roles they are meant to have and how to make families and such. They are heavily connected to Twilight (the sky and time) and to Fire and Earth, because the first Counselor of Fire and Earth (who is now reincarnated as Rel Zhirah) took care of them, taught them a lot of stuff like speaking in Common.
- That the three females will most likely either retreat further into Faerie after the child is born (in January), and that there are no more Males unless someone wishes to undergo a ritual to become one and help the tribe. This is unfortunate. Perhaps the child would be a male...?
- The Counselor of Fire and Earth, although everyone calls the first one 'The Druid' and even the path 'The Druid'... the current Counselor is a demoness and she is no Druid. Her name is Chavala.
- Their sense of honor and justice is alien to yours. They would not seek revenge on that which slayed their people, but instead mourn them, then celebrate their lives, then move on, considering it a blessing because they believe that after you die, you become a star. Brightest stars are recent deaths, dimmest ones are far-away deaths, and ones that burn out are ones that are one with the universe.
- Their Master is older than Tree, in fact its seed/sproutling spawned Tree. Master has a name. Gender-specifics (he). His name causes all faeries (not half-breeds) to fall into a nostalgic, dream-like state for quite a while (about 300 seconds or so) that killing and raising does not get you out of, Resist Magic can stop it, Protect the Soul does not.
- They wear feathers and leathers and beads and bones and sometimes trophies of animal conquests. They use every part of the animal and plants they take from, and give as much back. They celebrate the Solstices and Equinoxes, which is odd because Faerie doesn't really run on Time. One day in particular that they celebrate, which is on July 8th (for the Realms), they celebrate the day the Druid came to them, and they spend the whole day re-enacting his life with them, and in the evening eat lots of food by a bon-fire and then tell the last story that he ever told before he disappeared the next fortnight in a terrible fire.
- They always make it a point to wear something red (males) or furry (females)

Addendum, July 10th, 1011 M.R. - This story was told at An Entertaining Dream in July, around Rel's birthday, but I think no one but Magnus Heavyhammer could have read it - he tossed that book back into Bedlam after he reached into the Infinite Dark and pulled it out. There were other stories, too... but that is what he chose to do with it. Probably for the best: Nothing good ever comes out of Bedlam. - Aven
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