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A Single Grain of Sand

The following is my account of what happened when adventures went to World Horizon as it was being consumed by Bedlam:

We arrived at Samuel's workshop Saturday morning. Harlest drew on a page of the Book of Moons so we could get to World Horizon. It was one of the most terrifying images I've seen. Picture a road leading to a tavern, with Bedlam surrounding all of it. Samuel then briefed us on what to expect and we went through. Some people from World Horizon saw the opening we made and came running towards us. Someone starting killing them, thinking they couldn't go out the way we came in. He/she was also worried that the people might be skinwalkers. A lot of us, myself included, objected to this and starting raising them and pushed them through the opening we made. At least one of them should have regened in Samuel's workshop. After that we got in our boats and started looking around.

Throughout the day we found there were three groups of non-bedlam creatures still alive: Pirates, a ship full of really weird people dressed in long white tunics, and nobles. The pirates were being pirates, the weird people attacked us, except for one, and the nobles were just...odd. Very prim, very proper. They didn't care that Bedlam was all around them so long as their little island was OK. Only those they permitted were allowed on; all others got cannonballs fired at their ships. It made no sense. Their world is dying and they cared more about tea time and proper-ness then fixing what's going on. Very strange people.

As we were exploring we found these tiles. They were pieces of the codex of World Horizon and were there "to remind Night Sky and (something) Dawn what their duty was." We spend the entire day finding these pieces and trying to put them together. Kovaks put a lot of work into this, and it was thanks to her and Harlest that we could translate the runes on the tiles.

In the evening as we ate the Man in the Moon and the Stars joined us. After speaking with the Stars and the Moon we went back to putting the codex together. After it was complete we showed it to the Man in the Moon and the Sun, but they couldn't read the language of World Horizon. As Kovaks, Harlest, Myself, and I think Velvet translated the runes on the codex into Common, the Man in the Moon explained that she (apparently "Man in the Moon" is a title) would crash into the ground so we could get to a Bedlam Seed and save this world. We could then call down the stars to travel through the Moon to where the Seed was. Basically, the Moon would part the Bedlam sea enough so we could get on the Moon, and the Stars let us get into tunnels that took us under the Moon.

The Sun was starting to fall asleep, since it was night time, so everyone kept giving it hugs to keep it awake. Those us of translating were almost done when the lights went off. I looked up, and saw Bedlam in the rafters in the tavern. Everyone starting panicking at this point. Lots of screaming and "GET OUT NOW" as we ran outside and back to our boats. We fought off lots of Bedlam and sailed to where we would call down the Moon. After what felt like hours (I have no idea how much time passed) we called down the Moon, called down the Stars, and fought of Bedlam as we traveled through the Moon to where the Bedlam Seed was.

After lots of battles we made it to the area with the Bedlam Seed. There was a pool of Bedlam in the middle with what looked like a column of Bedlam from ceiling to floor. Gryf figured out that a phrase that had been written on the walls of the tavern was what we needed to get to the seed. Khol got the phrase somehow (my guess is he found someone who wrote it down who didn't loose their stuff in the tavern) and all of us started chanting it.
The phrase was:

E ala e
I ka moana hohonu
Aia ka la
E ala e

After all of us said that enough, light started to shine in the room. Zula called on Aurora as her champion and he and a few others went forward as close to the Bedlam pool as they could get, cut the column of Bedlam, and destroyed the seed. At that moment World Horizon was consumed by fire as the Seed was destroyed. Luckily, instead of being destroyed with the world, we all appeared back in Samuel's workshop. Zula then did something to get the tiles that we had been translating back, as they had been left in the tavern when Bedlam consumed it.

The good thing is that there is hope of rebirth for World Horizon. Everyone there would have died if we had destroyed the Seed or not. At least this way it's not a threat to us and it can be healed eventually.
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