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North/South War 1010

An Eye Witness Account of Events in Folkstone during North/South War:

During the gathering in Coventry to stop The Champion, Rel Zhirah was trapped in a tower. He stayed there for several months before being freed. However, he was only freed because 10 people (Cimone, Tria, Ged, Sir Iawen, Quinn, Janus, Indana, Tara, Rel, and myself) swore to find a home for the cursed creatures that lived where the tower was. If we failed, we would be cursed just like them. The time came to honor that agreement Saturday evening of the North/South War 1010 in Folkstone.

Eight of us who swore (Cimone and Rel weren’t there) were joined by several others, and we headed for a fort the cursed creatures had claimed in Folkstone. When we got there we found several of them guarding the fort. They attacked anyone who got in their way or attacked them. What we also found, which we didn’t expect, was Mythguard inside of the fort. They claimed they were friends with one of the creatures named Gregor, and that this was his fort and they weren’t going to let anyone in.

At this point the adventures broke off into doing different things. Some talked the creatures outside of the fort, some investigated other things which I didn’t see, and others like me tried to gain entrance into the fort. I was able to talk to Gregor and told him that I’m a friend of Rel. Because of that he let me into the fort; however I wasn’t allowed to get near him until my weapon was taken. After talking with him I found out that he had left the land where the tower was, had “made” Mythguard his friends, and had claimed the fort as his own. While we were talking he would send members of Mythguard out, either to let certain people into the fort or to kill anyone who scared him or was mean. Gregor wasn’t evil, just scared and jittery. He came off like a child with magic, who now had about 20 adventures at “his” fort. I continued to talk to him and found out there was a girl he loved who didn’t love him, and he had taken her heart out and now was happy because he had her heart.

Malachi of Folkstone was given permission to enter the fort, and was told the same thing I was. Both of us tried to convince Gregor what he did was wrong and that the girl he took the heart from wasn’t happy (although Malachi did a lot of the convincing). We found out the girl’s name was Susan and that she was one of the creatures outside of the fort. I was given permission to leave, get Susan, and reenter the fort. During this Tara, Tria, Ged, Quinn, and Sir Iawen were allowed into the fort, but only Sir Iawen was allowed to go to the top part where Gregor was. I brought Susan to Gregor, and with Malachi’s advice Gregor gave her back her heart and apologized. Then Gregor went and one by one and freed the members of Mythguard from being forced to be his friend. They each agreed to be his friend of their own will. Then we all went down to the bottom part of the fort and Gregor and Susan left. However, the entire time there had been barriers there that only Mythguard could cross. Anyone who went in and out had to be guided by Mythguard. Now that they were no longer under Gregor’s spell they couldn’t leave or guide us out. We got the feeling that if we had a strong enough reason to pass through that we could, so all of us left. Also at some point during this Zula gain entrance to the fort, but I don’t know when.

Shortly after all of us left the fort one of the creatures said that Sir Iawen had offered her land as a home, and several of them were going to live there. I also heard people saying they were offering the Southern Wastes to the creatures. To the best of my knowledge, all those who needed a home were given a home.

I then found a group of adventures trying to teach the last of the creatures Circle of Protection. If you got too close or tried to attack him he would throw fireballs and lightning bolts at you. Finally he cast the spell and disappeared.

I thought everything was over, but then was told a girl was inside the fort softly reading a story. I walked over to hear her speak. Just as she finished talking different creatures, who I now believe were dragons, appeared and grabbed her. We were all frozen until Sir Cecil screamed “Why are we standing here watching this?!” After he said that several of us, myself included, rushed back into the fort to help her. I told the ones taking her to let her go, and was killed by their power. When I got up they were gone. Quinn and I rushed to the top of the fort to look for the kidnapped girl, where we saw most of the adventures running off in one direction. I wasn’t fast enough to keep up and stayed behind after finding dead who needed raising. Not long after fixing them Sir Cecil, Janus, and Quinn came back. Sir Cecil had seen a vision of the girl’s world. He had already told Malachi his vision and now told it to Janus, Quinn, and myself. Anyone wanting to know the vision should ask one of them, as my notes only have a fraction of what they wrote down.

Malachi and several others came back to the fort and Malachi read to us what Sir Cecil’s vision was. Immediately after he finished all of us who heard him speak dropped to the ground in extreme pain. After some time it subsided, and he explained it happened because someone didn’t want us to know what we had been told. Another person then repeated the last two words of the vision and pain came to us again, but this time not as bad. I will not put those words here, as they shouldn’t be said. After we recovered we agreed that now was a time to reflect on what had happened, and we all left back to our respective cabins.

Additions from Tria Highwater: “Snowflake, a fairy who had been kidnapped from Coventry, told me that there was more to the alternate world [the world the kidnapped girl was from]. That if in the new world great good or great evil permeated, it would seep into the Realms. Possibly aiding the forces of good or evil respectively.”
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