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brief history of Dream Wolves and DawnBringer

(Author Unknown)

The DawnBringer (otherwise known as the Horned Lord, the Master of the Hunt,
the Forest King, Gaia's Saddest Child, the Lord of Morning - and lots of
other things...) has been around since the Dawn of Time. Back then, the Sun
had never set. The DawnBringer had no 'job' as of yet, and was just kicking
around in this new Eden saying hello to everyone and giving them names and
stuff... He became rather enamored of the wolves that He met there, and
quickly became friends with them. He liked them so much that he made a deal
with His Mother Gaia and His brother Death (otherwise known as the Grey Man
or the Keeper or many other not so pleasant things...) that the wolves
should not die of old age, that He wanted them as His companions forever.
Gaia, knowing that this was destined, and that it would be both Her Son's
greatest pleasure, and greatest sorrow, reluctantly agreed - though She
didn't say anything... She never does... His brother also agreed, though
told the Horned Lord that if one of the wolves should die, there should be
no return for them, that He would get to enjoy their company for the rest of
time. And the wolves should not go to the Grey Mans' places until the time
comes for them to serve Him forever.
Then the Sun went down after the long day. It didn't come back. All the
plants and animals were frightened, and asked Gaia's Child to bring the Sun
back... He said He would try... He searched with his companions for a long,
long time... Eventually, He asked His Mother for help... She didn't tell Him
anything, as usual- just gave Him feelings of comfort and visions of the
Sun... So He asked his Brother.
"The Sun is in the spirit world. You'll have to fetch Her from there..." The
Grey Man told him.
"But how?"
"I would imagine that you would have to die..." replied the Grey Man.
And then the Horned Lord realized the truth of the matter. That to fetch the
sun, He would need to die. A vision of the Hunt came to Him.
So with heavy heart, He called all of His Hunters together. There were
thousands of us then. We all vowed to serve the Lord, whatever may come, as
we knew the importance of the sun to the cycle of life. He called us
together, and gave us all the task of killing Him, of devouring His flesh,
of rending His spirit free, that It may go to seek the sun.
And so every night, we Hunt and kill that which we cherish the most. And
frequently, we die Hunting him. Under His hoof, pierced by His horns... He
doesn't mean it, but He, like us, doesn't want to die. Even though He knows
He will come back...
So when He runs out of companions He will run the night forever, with none
to call companion. That is why He is Gaia's Saddest Child.

Typical Dream Wolves:
Most Dream Wolves are 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall at the shoulder, and have bright
white coats with reddish tinting on their ears and tails. Few deviate from
this color scheme. Those that do are usually the more notable ones. Many are
able to write, albeit clumsily, and most understand the speech of others.
Many of the Dream Wolves have been around since the Beginning, though there
are some exceptions - Those beings that have chosen to become part of the
DawnBringer's pack that were born later. Not all of these 'Wolves' started
out as canines.

Some Dream Wolves of Note:

The Gemari-Lu
The Gemari-Lu are easily identified by the nimbus of blue light that
radiates off of their fur. They are also typically a bright silver color,
with golden eyes. Gemari-Lu, literally translated, means "Teacher Wolf", but
I suspect they are more Spirit than flesh. There have been several Gemari-Lu
over the years, providing Companionship to the DawnBringer. With only one
exception, all the Gemari-Lu have been female.
Gemari-Lu rarely interfere with Humans. If you are approached by one, do
not make it mad -- it would be rather hazardous to your health, and earn you
the enmity of the DawnBringer and His Hunters.

Blackmoon, known for her startling black coat and the crescent moon shaped
patch of white over one eye, is one of very few female Dream Wolves, and the
only female Dream Wolf around since the Beginning. Rumor has it she used to
be white and red like all the others.
Blackmoon is best described as wise, and knows much about the ways of the
Dreaming, and interpreting the shoals and skerries of Dream.
She was one of the first Dream Wolves to help the Realms defeat the Nameless
One, and bonded briefly to Rhohe of Misty Glen to help protect her from the
Soul Blade.
She has helped many Waking Dreamers out of trouble while they navigate the
Dreaming, and is considered a high ranking Wolf in their hierarchy, second
only to any Gemari-Lu, and Silverback.

Fury is a curiosity. Standing nearly six feet at the shoulder, this pony
sized wolf not only has jet black fur, but glowing green eyes, and the
ability to speak like a man. Despite his name, he's rather laid back - just
don't get him mad. He enjoys cigars and beer, and offering him either will
make him happy. He gets along well with Blackmoon, and the two are rarely
far from each other.
I don't know much about Fury's past, save that he is not from the Beginning.
I suspect he used to be human, or something similar.
Fury briefly bonded to Cinnabar to keep him safe from the influence of the
Soul Blade. It was a love/hate relationship.
Fury has a curious companion named 'Glow.' Glow is a small, floating,
spherical object. It seems to be sentient. Fury insists that Glow is very
dangerous, and is a weapon, but he doesn't much elaborate.

Aregador looks like a very old wolf, and hardly ever Hunts, but in truth, he
is only a few hundred years old. He was human, but now serves the
DawnBringer faithfully. I suspect he is the reason most Dream Wolves can
write, as he used to be a scribe. Aregador is very friendly, and willing to
converse on many subjects.

The Puppies
Up until quite recently (@1996), Dream Wolves did not breed. An unknown
Gemari-Lu appeared in Heron's Skerry, and gave birth to an astounding litter
of 18 puppies, 12 of which are still alive today. Three of the pups were
female, and Svaha (one of the pups) had a litter of her own last year.
Unlike other Dream Wolves, the Puppies appear to be aging, and will likely
have a 'normal' life cycle. Only time will tell..

The Pack
A group of Dream Wolves helped Blackmoon help the people of the Realms
defeat the influence of the Nameless One. Each of these Wolves temporarily
Bonded to a human, protecting them from the influence of the Soul Blade, and
kept their dreams safe from the Nameless One. Not all died, but here is to
the memory of their gifts and in some cases sacrifice:
Hroth: Bonded to Heron, later to McKrye, destroyed by McKrye's death at the
hands of the Fury, Albion. Memorial in Heron's Skerry.
Blackstar: Bonded to Iron Hand, later to Blak, he is now called Blakstar.
Yeff: Bonded to Peregrin, attained the location of the Lake of Fire,
allowing the destruction of the Soul Blade.
Shadowpaws: Bonded to Baron Diamond.
Blackpool: Bonded to Top Knot.
Beo: Bonded to Stuart.
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