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Chapter 4

Soon, Aisling commented, "We're here, good sir."
Magnus stopped and hoverd, large powerful silver wings attached to his back, and they move to keep him aloft. This was more from his desire and understanding as a mortal about standing still while flying than a need for them, as any fae will tell you. The man turned to Aisling, letting her go to sign 'Here?' He looked at the masked being. 'Present-Home?' the man signed.
The creature, frightened and confused, had hands that trembled around the Defender and the Dreamer's own. Aisling, however, walked through stars big and small and a smile in her eyes. "This is not its home per se, but it is where all great things got there start. You were here once with Masks, do you remember?" She held out her arms for Lily, for dogs were not meant to fly. However, Lily was having too much fun swooping around and barking at stars that moved lazily past.
'Safe-Little-One-Present; Time-Big-One-Future.' Magnus signed, hoping he made sense. The man looked back to the ghost girl, and nodded, giving the trembling hands of the creature a squeeze as to calm a child.
"What do you intend to do with the little star now, good sir?" asked Aisling gently, enveloping Lily in a hug.
Magnus shrugged, uncertainty crossing his face. She giggled. "You can talk, you know. But I respect that you're choosing not to."
As a star passed by Magnus and the masked creature, it stopped trembling. Taking one its hands and reaching out slowly to touch a little star as it rolls on by, the creature was completely enthralled by its magic.
"So, what is it like? How do you feel? Too much? No change?" asked Aisling, floating horizontally to Magnus and the creature, who were floating upright. Magnus thought about this, and slowly dropped the creature's hand to sign. 'Change-Knowledge-Path-Mask-Future-Past. Star-Safe-Present, Change-Time, Future-Unknown...' A laugh bubbles forth from the man as he realizes what it is he has signed.
"That good, eh? So why haven't you tried it before? Were you frightened?"
'Not-Self. Other.' There was a pause and then the man frowned as he thought of Masks. 'Past-Present-Future. Friend. M-A-S-K-S-Future-Forever. Self-Present-Blind-Not-Mask-Vision-Future.'
"Good. Will you ask your friend, then, for help in the future, Defender?" she asked, nuzzling Lily. The masked being tilted its head and stared at Magnus, perplexed in its body language. The man nodded to Aisling's question, and signed: 'Silent-Friend-Present-Future-Three-Time-M-A-S-K-S.' There was a pause, then he signed again. 'Sad. Empty. M-A-S-K-S-Past-Future.' He grasped the masked being's hand and gave it a soft squeeze.
"Well, no need to be sad anymore." Aisling scrunched up her eyes.
The creature let go of Magnus's hand, fascinated by the stars, taking one and cupping a hand around it, peering intently at it. Behind the mask, Magnus's eyes became a bit watery. He signed to the creature: 'Bright-Future-Little-Big-One.' Then to Aisling: 'Safe-Present?' and tilted the head to the side with a questioning look.
"Yes, but you'll need to be raised from the dead. Hey, little star, can you find Magnus's star here?" Aisling released Lily into the stars and then moved her position to be next to Magnus and the creature. "All living things have a star, unless they die. Can you find his and put it back?"
Magnus tapped the creature on the shoulder, signing 'Path-Self-Star-Present?'

It looked uncertain at first, then stared out into the stars at the enormous task. After an intense minute or two of silence, one star shone very brightly, intensely.
The creature then pointed, and mimed roping it in, like Magnus had done for it on the river bank. One good turn deserves another, always.
Soon, there was a bright star, about palm-sized, in its hand. It held it up, nodding.
"The smallest point of light in the darkness can contain the greatest hope for an age." The man reached out and took the star from the creature, studying it for a moment or two before signing (badly, with one hand): 'Hope-Future. Time-Other... Large' he pointed, indicating the creature, then returned to signing: 'Friend-Vision-Self-Future. Path-Friend-Open-Present-Future. Hope-Safe-Future.' Magnus hugged the masked being signed at Aisling: 'R-E-New-M-A-S-K-S-Past-Hope-Future.'
Aisling signed back: 'Who-knows-question'. The masked being looked at Magnus, then pounced on his savior in a very tight hug. Aisling placed a hand on its shoulder, gaining its attention, then nodded. Letting go of the knight, the creature took the star in Magnus's hand, pressed that hand to his chest, then mimed blowing on the star, and Sky sent it through Magnus's chest.
Magnus woke up abruptly, sitting up in bed with a very deep breath and then a few waking coughs, very cold and needing to warm up. Lily is at the end, near his feet, wagging her tail.

This particular one I was able to see the seventh of March, 1011 M.R. As a Mage/Dreamer, I've penned down all that was pertinent. - Aven
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