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Notable Scorpio

Notable Scorpios:

Sir Mahkta McKrye, Qua Terreth Nuuna, Chimeron

The Scorpio (October 24th through November 21st) is Determined, Forecful, Emotional, Intuitive, Powerful, Passionate, Exciting, Jealous, Resentful, Compulsive, Obsessive, Secretive and Obstinate.

Intuitive and ever curious, Scorpios are the great investigators of the Zodiac. They want to know everything about everyone. When an answer is needed, a Scorpio will find it for you. Unfortunately, Scorpios only seem to see in black and white. They always have their own agenda and never fail to promote it. Scorpios are the masters of their fate. They know only one way to live: on their own terms. They do not live life but attack it. When life hands them a loss, they do not waste time sulking, but rather continue on their path, sure they will eventually succeed. Scorpios are driven by their intense passions and desires. Often they are seen as imperious. Scorpios are a secretive lot. Probing the Scorpio psyche will only make them leery and cause them to flee. Whether in business or play, Scorpios love to compete. Indeed to do well, they must have an opponent. Scorpios do not take slights well. If you cross them be assured they will retaliate with their full force. Scorpios never quit and never surrender. If anyone can get a difficult task done, it is a Scorpio. Scorpios make fantastic Rogues.
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