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Document 11

Author: Meghan
Place/Gathering Discovered: Wellman Vault - Beyond the Hag and Hungry Goblin
Date: October 9, 1010
Transcribed by: Faelinn Shadowmoon
Dear Mary,

You once told me that you'd do anything for a friend. I hope you meant every word - because I desperately need your help. I know the truth now, Wilhelm lied to all of us. All these year I thought Roger was killed by bandits, but that's just what Wilhelm wanted us to think. He killed Roger! His best friend! I was cleaning in his room and I found Roger's ring hidden beneath a pile of old clothes. No one had been able to find Roger's body, so I thought for a moment that maybe dear Wilhelm had finally found something after all this time. When I asked Wilhelm how he got the ring he flew into a rage! He kept screaming at me that "I couldn't prove anything" and "If I said anything there would be hell to pay." Then he locked himself in his room.

I know this sounds crazy Mary but I don't feel safe here anymore. If he was willing to kill his best friend in cold blood what will keep him from killing me, his wife? I am leaving at dawn with whatever I can carry. I hope this letter finds you and that you will take me in until I know what to do next.

May Justari look after us,

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