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About Celestine

Author: Seren
Date: January 9, 1011
Celestine is an unknown god.
It is theorized that the god/goddess is related in some way to light, and possibly stars in particular.
The god Celestine appeared in the City of Ivory in the middle of the night on January 1, 1011.
Celestine is described as having appeared as a giant being of light, between 15 and 20 feet tall.
Celestine's gender is unknown.
Celestine has declared that he has no followers, but that he has an interest in preserving the world from darkness.

The "Tetch" Shard of Celestine is Seren (myself).

I would like to learn more about this god, my creator, as it were.

Please add what information or clues you may have.

Walk in the Light,

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