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a cure

I will preface this letter by noting that at this past Black and White, a mailbox was found sitting next to a small decorated fir tree, with quills and parchment next to it. It was concluded that it was for Father Yule, and many of us chose to write him letters, telling him what we would like for Yule. Having heard that seer magic cast at curing Black Sickness had given the information that we should ask the northern oracle, I chose to request a cure, or information that would help us find one. When he came to Uncle Cecil's Tavern this year, this is what he gave me.

Dear Cimone,

Thank you so much for writing to me. The Black Sickness is a horrible disease, and it makes me glad that you want to help cure it. Black Sickness is a disease of the body and the soul, and it can only be cured after it has manifested at least once in the person who has it.

Cure the spirit and you cure black sickness. Atonement cures the spirit. Turn to a priest of your church, and confess to how you have failed your faith. Humble yourself so you may rise stronger. No man is perfect, and that is alright. Receive atonement, and some of your sickness will be cured. Repeat this monthly, and you will one day be free.

Pater Yule
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