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Missives about Poetry

Type of Missve: Prose
Date: August 25 1010 M.R.
Responses: Many
I seek scholars and those of sharp mind in the ways of code and puzzles,
as I have looked into this missive int eh local taverns...I may have the
starting of this, but I am not sure...

I might be wrong, but this is what I have garnered or at least I have tried
to piece together:

" How long are your and that dark lady
must trust mingled our light set shadow
day child light"

I'm sure I have something wrong, but at least it is a start, if someone would check
my methodology perhaps I have missed or skipped something obvious......

Whisperrain Silvermoon
Scout of Caer Melyn
Curiosity has been eating away at me as I try to decode this myself. I'm highly intrigued by the puzzle and code, but shortly I'll be settling in to take a look at it myself, if I'm to guess that your method is similar to how I'm thinking. The second...paper is a clue towards the first, I'm assuming that is how you were going about it?

Phoenix Rose Dawncry-Nosetti
Master Scribe and Historian to House Nosetti
Heir to House Dawncry

Exactly what I have done...but so you are not confused, I used the last
paragraph twice...I have a feeling that this is the way it was meant to be
used as it is both singers on one verse

Whisperrain Silvermoon
Scout of Caer Melyn
am I the only one who is kinda thrilled to know Sun and Shadow are around again?
or am I the only one old enough to remember?

Unfortunately, I've only been in these Realms for about three or four years, so I'm a bit behind on things past.
Would you be willing to explain?
-Phoenix Rose
Now you have me realizing how old I am. I recognize Shadowdancer, Sunsinger is vaguely familiar but they were both gone before I started adventuring


Ok people, calm down.
Somebody put up some very nice, but odd poetry in your local tavern and everyone gets paranoid.
Its just writing. No code. No conspiracy.
Geeze, no one appreciates art anymore.

If we are going to try to decode this, I would just like to throw in
my two cents. What I got when I did it was:

How long are
your and that dark lady must
trust mingled soul: our light set
Touched ensorcelled darkling deep

It does not make much more sense (to me at least). However, I could be
wrong on the last line because I do not see a 6th verse. So what I did
was went back to the first line and went from there. However, have you
thought that maybe the 6th verse is missing? Or that these two things
were completely unrelated to each other?


P.S. I am a fighter. Thinking is not what I do best.

Twenaria and Shirak,

You are not alone in your long memory.

~Dame Sir Freesia Den'ier~
Twenaria, Shirak and Freesia,

Perhaps instead of standing around having long memories, you could educate the younger masses who are standing about in confusion. I know that's what I'm doing, and would appreciate greatly being filled in.

Squire Tara Harkon

After a perusal of the two missives, I believe that the first stanza has been divided into a pair of verses, giving us 6 paragraphs in total:

"What has touched me, reaching deep, piercing my ensorcelled sleep,
Darkling lady, do you weep? What is the cause of your grieving?"

"Why do tears of balm and bane, bathe my heart in bitter rain?
What is this longing, why this pain? What is this spell you are weaving?"

"Sunlight Singer, morning's peer, how I long for what I fear!
Not by my will are you here, how I wish I could free you!
Gladly in your arms I'd lie, but I dare not come you nigh,
For if you touch me I shall die, if I were wise I would flee you.

"Shadowdancer, dark and fell, lady that I love too well,
Won't you free me from the spell, that you have cast around me?
Star-eyed maid beyond compare, mist of twilight in your hair,
Why must you be so sweet and fair? How is it that you have bound me?"

"In your eyes your soul lies bare, hope is mingled with despair;
Sunborn lover, do I dare trust my heart to your keeping?
Sunrise means that I must flee, moonrise steals your soul from me;
Nothing behind but agony, nothing before us but weeping.

"Sun and Shadow, dark and light; child of day, and child of night.
Who can set our tale aright? Is there no future but sorrow?
Will some power hear our plea, take the curse from you and me,
Grant us peace, or set us free? Dare we to hope for tomorrow?
Is there no future but sorrow?"

I do not believe this is a letter or syllable cypher, so if we go by word count:

2: 5/7/16
Balm Bane This

3: 32/3/6/2/5/35
But Morning's I Singer How Not

4: 18/10/5: 17/6/16
That Well Lady: Spell That The

6: 3/9/11/6
Shadow Day Child Light

Balm bane this but morning's I singer how not that well lady: Spell that the shadow day child light

Please feel free to expound and converse. These events occurred during my exile, I have no basis to draw upon, except the Library of Ivory.


I do believe you are wrong by cutting the first stanza in half....none of the
song should be split at all...the last verse is a duet so it should be counted
as 2 verses...giving it a 5th and 6th placement....

Whisperrain Silvermoon
Scout of Caer Melyn

Entirely possible, but as all approaches produce a fair amount of gibberish, I suspect there's more to be done.

You see little sister, when you get old, one day you will have something call patience. Wait, no. Thats not true at all. Patience is for boring people. And not Harkons. Never for a Harkon.
Sun and Shadow were a fascinating and interesting pair. People were given trials and given titles based on these trials. However, I honestly do not recall why. If I even ever knew.
I can tell you my trial was heartbreaking and it still makes me cringe to think about.
You can ask me more questions if you like, but I dont know how much I can answer.

Whisperrain Silvermoon,

You seem very confident in what you are saying. You seem convinced
that you are right. What leads you to believe that the 5th verse also
counts as the 6th verse because it is sung by two people? I know many
songs that have participation from the audience, but that does not
mean that a verse sung by the audience as well as the performers is
counted as 20+ different verses (depending on the audience size).

Also, who says that the numbers represent the verses? I mean, it goes
up to 6 with 5 verses. Maybe it means something completely different?
Maybe we all have this completely wrong.

Just sayin',
September 6th, 1010 M.R.

Sorry to bring this subject back up, however, this past weekend, Baron Diamond, Bonkai, Whisperrain and myself were visited by a Minor Avatar by the name of Twilight. With the start of the decoding, we've successfully determined the message, which is as follows.

The Trials Begin Anew.

From our understanding, this means the trials of Sun and Shadow are happening again, but we don't know when or where. Other than this, we have very little information that I'm aware of.

I would personally love to have more information at my fingertips about this.

Phoenix Rose Dawncry-Nosetti
Elder of House Nosetti
Heir to House Dawncry
Master Scribe and Elder to House Nosetti
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