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Sun & Shadow Trials

Type of Missve: General
Date: September 27, 1010 M.R.
Responses: Many
Those who passed the Sun and Shadow trials this weekend recieved a new name, it is likely we will be called by such name in the near future. I'd like to ask those who recieved a new name from the trial to contact me at your earliest convienence, I will try to compile the names and send a final list to those who respond back.

Laika en'Naur
Apprentice to Bright Oakfellow; Magus of the Realms
I'd like to respectfully disagree with this endeavor. The trials were extremely personal, and the names we received were the results of what was a very emotional hardship for many. Personally, I'd encourage those who received a name to keep it dear to yourself. Know it, and share it with those close to you. For many they are something to be proud of, but (in my opinion) none are something to be boasted.

If we are indeed called by these names, as Laika believes we will be, simply be prepared to respond to yours. Remember what it was that earned you your title.

In the end, do as you feel is right. This is just my stance on the matter.

Squire Rorin Akanar
High Priest of Luna
Apprentice to Zula Darkwillow

I agree fully with Rorin in this. The trials we took were all very personal, and are not meant to be shared. Yes, we were each marked in a unique way. Yes, those marks and now part of us, and I feel that we may be called on by the words that we were given. However, these trials are not meant to be shared, nor are they to be given lightly or freely. Keep what you learned from those trials close to your heart; learn and grow from them.
Names are power, and there is power in naming.

Blessings of the Land and Sea,
Jarl Shane Ishan
Herald of Val Dara
I'd like to stress that in the end, the decision is up to the individual. Have your name documented by Laika if you desire for it to be kept. If you wish for it to remain personal, I ask only one thing. Share it with those close to you. After several lengthy conversations, I believe it's important that everyone has a few people who know the name they received. If you are referred to by anything that we encounter using this name, and are not present, it is important to be able to either get you the information or know who it references: whatever the case may be.

Rorin Akanar

I personally agree with them. My trial was very personal, and I do not wish to share the name I received for dealing with that trial with the public. There are a select few that know, and I think that that is enough. However, like Rorin said, it is your choice.

Lord Sir Nos of Blackwood
I personally would add that generally the good guys and bad guys like to know who each other are and until you know what is going on, who needs information and why discretion is frequently a good thing. If you think you might be called on to do something, odds are someone won't want you to accomplish it. While I applaud the desire to point out to people that what they earned may be best kept private you also started a list.

Those that took the trials:


Phoenix of Folkestone

Does anyone know if some of us might take these later?

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