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Ripped Papers

Author: Luaala, Priestess of Elistraee
Place/Gathering Discovered: Feast of Leviathan
Date: Jan 1010 M.R.
Transcribed by: Sir Iawen Penn
_________ wrought either _______ themselves, or seeking out other being of power - his loyalties shift. It is said that in his quest to bring all things his greatest fear, he has delved into the hidden minds of his siblings. Sclos in particular seems to harbor some reservations about Zurak. A tale torn from a captured demon-kin gives us some clue as to why.

Long ago, when they were still growing into the obscenities that we know them as now, Zurak's first scheme was born. Stalking his sister, Sclos, learning all that he could, weaving into her fears _________ weapon to torment ______ amusement with this _______ led him to her half-kin; ______ of every known breed. Twisting _____ hidden things within their minds into a tangible object, the sword known to us as the Tagnik'zurstreea. I will explain more on this weapon later, but this tale, if it is true, is enough to give me an uneasy night. The thought that Zurak is some sort of dream-fear-smith; able to twist our deepest nightmares into weapons that can destroy even the Children, is almost more then I can bear.

_____ yet for all of this, Zurak for ____ of time prefers to take a step back; not directly involving his hand, content to watch his siblings. The fear they generate is often more than enough for him. A small blessing that he does notoften add his considerable personal power to any of the conflicts that have recently begun to spring up, fueled by one or another of the plots of his siblings. When ______ finally decide to ______ actively, then we shall have that much harder of a struggle on our hands. How do you defeat an enemy that grows more powerful from even your secret fears? I, for one, do not know the answer.
Tags: Non-Player Character, Monster Type
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