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Stonewood Times

The southern border of Stonewood seems to have been fully fortified with millisha men and constructs of all sorts. It is hard to tell exactly how many have arrived thus far but it is evident that the numbers are growing. The roaring of siege equipment has been heard though the woods traveling south from Stonewood propor to the southern city of Starhaven. Fully armored soldiers and undead march side by side on their treck down to the city. It has been rumored that some have even seen griffins in the skys heading in that direction but as of yet nothing has been confirmed. When some of the common folk were asked what they thought, their responce was nothing less then it looks like Stonewood is preparing for war. At this time no decliration of war has been announced nor is there any at this time they would be going to war with as they have no enemies at this time. This could have something to do with the girl found to the south but even for Stonewood terms this is almost excessive. Fortifications are also being constructed at the bourder in the forms of watch towers and barricks.

In other news, the floating city of Haven has nearly reached its compleation. The massive skull can be seen floating above the ground for miles and the recent activity has had everyone excited at the potential of the newly rebuilt city. Rumor has it once it is compleated the massive amounts of undead will be shipped up to the city to populate it and alivate some of the stress on the current population of Stonewood. Hopes are high for this new development, everyone hopes it will be worth the months of work that have gone into it.

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Stonewood Times
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