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The road between North Paradise and Stonewood Borders: A woman's body was found, wearing
faded scarlet robes. Her outfit was mainly reduced to tatters, and her pack revealed
nothing but torn books: spines ripped off the base and pages stuck in trees or in the mud.

Unclaimed North-Eastern Lands, past Tuath Fasach and Folkestone: Children in the marked
cities, villages, and other towns keep dreaming about a scarlet woman in their dreams,
apparently hunting a man with an odd cap. Some children find the woman "scary", while
others see the shiny things she has behind her and deem her "neat".

The Boar's Head Tavern: Two men roughed up the barkeep in Luna's name, claiming it was
revenge for the hired help killing two of their compatriots: Clarissa Reunion and her
servant, Anderson. Other patrons have claimed that both names are still alive, but no
one has seen them since the unfortunate murders in the tavern on Saturday.

Corsica: The Temple of Luna was finally dedicated last evening, on a half-moon. Many were
in attendance (albeit some were drunken pirates and sea-faring entrepenuers), including a
group of women with violet cloaks upon their backs.

Over the Western Mountains: Rangers and those that make their living by hunting and
trading in the Ivory and Iron Kingdom market places have reported much activity seen on
the other side of the range. It seems that some group may be thinking about colonizing
beyond what the cartographers have on the current Realms map.
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