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  • ***The Following is Distributed to Keeps, Posted in Taverns, and in Village Centers throughout the Realms****

    Lord Sir Deimos Kal'Amar
    (October 978-September 1009)
    Betrothed of Quazar
    Arch-Duke of Blackwood
    Knight Commander of the Knights of Blackwood
    Knight of the Steward
    Viscount of Idaris
    Order of the Red
    Baliff of Justari
    Warlord of Chaos
    General of Zermarx the fallen
    Herald of Lucious/Iculous

    On the sixth day of September, in the year of the realms 1009, Sir Deimos Kal'Amar laid down a sacrifice to save the soul of another and one whom he loved without thought for himself.
    Though his deeds, at times, seemed somewhat misguided there was love behind each action. From his arrival in the Realms, until his departure he has left his mark on many. Be it as an enemy, friend, or brother the mark was left and the memories are laid thick as blood.
    His followers described him as not only a leader but also a father, and mentor. Though at times his words or actions were harsh, his people looked to him for advice on all things, and he will be fondly remembered among the people of Blackwood.

    Survivors include: His beloved fiance, Quazar Lady of Achoria and member of Folkestone; Two brothers; Sir Kerrell Kal'Amar of Creathorne, and Grog Kal'Amar of Blackwood; His loyal lords of Blackwood; Lord Sir Bones, Lord Sir Nos, Lady Sir Celeste
    He also leaves behind a nation of loyal followers to many to be mentioned by name.

    Services are to be held on the 11th day of September at 9:30pm in Creathorne at the start of the King of Rouges Challenge with services lead by Chan, Priest of Justari.

    All are Welcome to attend and pay respects to the Fallen.

    In lieu of flowers, donations should be made to the Children of Blackwood Fund.
  • Penned by the Hand of Dame Sir Freesia Den'ier of Folkestone*
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