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Lord Sir Deimos Kal'Amar

Below is the Final Will and Testament as delivered to my hand. The document is dated the 3rd day of August, year of the Realms 1009. These documents were delivered by a scribe bearing the mark of Blackwood with the explicate instructions that when the time arose I was to read the words herein to any and all able and willing to listen.
I regret to inform all in the Realms that that time came. On the 6th day of September I was informed at a late hour that the time had come. On the 7th day of September, Realms year 1009, I read aloud what follows:

This here is the last will and testament of Sir Deimos Kal'Amar.

In my days alive and not, I have been called many things. Some called me be brother, some evil, some friend. Yet I have always stood for that which I believed to be true. Most of the time I feel as if I stood alone against the tides, But looking back now near the end I see that is not the truth.

Many of you stood with me or by me through out, and this my last communication to you all I honor you. I thank you. And at last I say my goodbyes to you.

Lady Quazar of Achoria

Sir Lord Kerrell of Ereowan

Sir Lord Bones of Idaris

Sir Lady Celeste of Alonis

Sir Lord Champion Nos of Heminshire

Magnus Heavyhammer of Rhiassa

Lt Vasdre

You were the most near and dear to me for many different reasons. I do not need to begin to tell you how much you all mean to me. So with these small triffles I hope that you understand.

K, my brother long has it been since you lived at home. Now that I am gone I hope that you will come home more often. I leave to you the Knight Commander of Knights of Blackwood. Nigel was wrong to knight me first, you were always the better choice.

Bones, my trusted advisor and ambassador, you're time has come to rule. Do so wisely and justly. I entrust to you the future of the Vartans that stayed behind. Take the Spirit of Varta, wield it when you can for all the right reasons.

Celeste, my once steward, and always friend, you were like the little sister that I never had. Although I will never understand it, you dance with the spirit of the being called Min. It is of course only fitting that you receive the Amulet of Min. May it serve you, for never once did I use it.

Nos, you I think were most like me. Follow not my road. I trust that you will carry on, and to do so I entrust to you the Sunfire Tabard. Its abilities have and should serve you well.

Quazar, already in your trust is that which should have always been the most important thing to me... my heart. Since there is nothing left for me to give, please keep this Ash Dagger in trust. I regret that it took me so very long for me to find you. I love you. I wish now that I had told you that in person.

I charge you all with one last task... to decide the fate of Blackwood. You five must decide whom the next Arch-Duke of Blackwood will be, or the five of you must shoulder that burden together as the council of lords.

Vasdre, you were the most loyal left hand one could ever ask for. You were unwavering, I wish that I had taken you as a squire before it was too late. I release you from your bond to Blackwood, for it seems your fate is bound to lead you elsewhere. Go forth in peace my hand. Do what needs doing. Follow your own path to glory.

Magnus Heavyhammer, you remind me most of myself when I was much younger. Which is the only reason I could never take you as my squire. Keep true to yourself always and my your faith guide you places I would have never aspired to go. Your purity and goodness shine like the sun. Which is why I leave to you Moroseth, the sword of shadows. Let your light and its shadow define each other.

To the realms,

Many things hang in the balance right now. The demons war with each other. I have championed the cause of Lucious, Quazar has championed the cause of Orcus. Neither is right. The true path lays in the middle. Destroy them both. Lucious and Orcus both want the same thing power and they want us to give it to them. We mere mortals have upset the balance of power in hell, perhaps the ritual the Order of the Red possesses might prove the best course after all.

The Order must be destroyed. For we have unknowingly bound ourselves to a demon, Dame Freesia was right from the beginning. What fools we have all been.

To all those whom I have hurt, to all those whom I have wronged I am sorry. Being an agent of those more powerful of myself and trying to seek power, and glory, and world domination... lead me down paths that I would wish on none, even my worse enemies. In the end I hope my lesson will be learned by all those who seek similar things.

May your gods be with you. I go now to Justari to have my soul and deeds weighed. May he be kinder then I was to all of you.



These documents are presented and copied unaltered and as writted by Lord Sir Deimos Kal'Amar, Lord Sir Deimos Kal'Amar, Betrothed of Quazar of Folkestone, Arch-Duke of Blackwood, Knight Commander of the Knights of Blackwood, Knight of the Steward, Viscount of Idaris, Order of the Red, Baliff of Justari, Warlord of Chaos, General of Zermarx the fallen, Herald of Lucious/Iculous

Penned for archival purposes by the hand of Dame Sir Freesia Den'ier of Folkestone.
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