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Chan's Cleansing Speech

Author: Chan Ottokar
Place/Gathering Discovered: None
Date: May 31st, 1007
Transcribed by: Sir Iawen Penn
  • ritual - basic*

    Fire - South - Sword - Purification, Destruction, Will.
    My sword is for defending the weak and for slaying the wicked.

    Air - West - Word - Prophesy, Voice, Pursuit of Knowledge
    My words are for praising the good works of others and for rooting out corruption.

    Earth - East - Life - Strength, Stability, Immovability, Armor, Fortitude, Healing, Regeneration.
    My life is spent in the pursuit of justice and the harrowing of evil.

    Water - North - Soul - Death, Life, Protection through Adaptation, Spirit/Soul/Will, Wisdom.
    My soul having served shall go to the Celestial Halls where I in turn will await His judgment.

    My lord, the Just One, your humble servant begs for forgiveness from your merciful hand. It was two years ago today that I said those words and swore to walk the path of your paladin. And it wasn't even six months from that date that I began to veer from that path. In Rhiassa, at the following Queen of Hearts I began to learn the magical ways of the seer, and it was on that day that I broke my oath to you. For nearly two years I have walked in this world with oracular powers in hand, and for two years I've been ignoring the pact we made.

    At the time there was much turmoil and confusion throughout this realm. And in those two years I used my magics to guide the War in Fae, and to help stop the genocide of all the fae by working with others to find a way to open Bedlam. In this act we nearly dried up the power source for Wayland's self-proclaimed mortal Court in Fae, and nullified the threat of his fae-bane blades.

    Then, in hopes to save a friend and protect members of the Auroran church from the mace Angelbane falling into wrong hands, I made a deal with the Demon of Corruption, and after months of divining I was able to come to a solution. With the help of many the Demon was redeemed and the fallen Angel, Matthew Alexander Tobias was free to walk this world again. As part of the reward for redeeming the Demon, we also were able to restore the Dalindana, Avatar of Aurora.

    And in the past few months I have been using my divination magics to fight Corruption wherever it appears in this plane. I have been attempting to confirm how to destroy the Champion once and for all, and have been stealing small truths from the Enemy as to try to get an advantage for Good, when the time comes. If you look at all the successes I have had you would see that I have used these magics to uphold your Word, and fight corruption where I can.

    But as you understand, in your omnipotence, that is not where it ends. That is not the whole story, and that is not the true chain of events that has lead to this day. Merciful lord, you of all people know that behind all this brilliant light of good, there is plenty of darkness swirling.

    Within that time of turmoil and confusion nearly two years back, I, your humble acolyte did not always walk in the light, and do justice in all that he did. When time called for Bedlam to be opened and a certain deed to be done. Sorry, for a child to be maimed by a cursed blade, I did not try to stop it, no, I was there when it was done, I heard the child's screams in agony as the flesh was ripped from his legs. I stood there and did nothing. I let this child unwillingly be maimed for "the greater good", but regardless, I let this great injustice happen, and on that day I fouled your name.

    But it doesn't end there. When we continued along the path to open Bedlam, It soon became time for dinner, and the gift we brought along for them was a meat Pie, a child's leg meat pie to be truthful. And we as well as our hosts were served this vile meal, and I willingly ate that which was given to me. On the quest to open Bedlam did I take part in a scenario that lead to us crashing the moon of a plane into the land below and killing thousands.

    As time passed on and lessons were still unlearned, I made a deal with a demon to protect friends and family. I carried Angelbane for nearly a year. I wanted to keep it out of the hands of those that would use it for malicious purposes. But on a late spring/early summer day, while exploring a fire outside of Eagle's Rook, I used that vile weapon to defend myself from a corrupted being, and knowing full well that this creature was a fallen Auroran, I struck it with that mace, obliterated the being and took a dark mark upon my soul.

    It is now, my Lord, that I, Chan Ottokar, your humble servant and wayward acolyte, give myself over to you for judgment and atonement. I still wish that in times to come I can walk the path of your paladin, but I will accept your decree. If you deem me worthy to continue to walk the path of your paladin, I ask you to strip me of the magics I have learned so that I can once again walk as your holy fighter. If you do not, I will accept your decision and spend the rest of my years by your side in the your Celestial Halls and await your judgment.
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