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Autumn Rose

Name: Autumn Rose, Goddess of Healing
Domain: Healing, Nature, and the End of Summer
Symbols: a rose with a small tear drop at the end
Avatars: none
Plot marshals: Ian Struckhoff, Beth Tozier
Area of Influence: Nadina
Autumn Rose is the 'oldest' of the small gods, having been around for two ascensions (she was created from the first one). Her symbol changed when her favored high priestess died, but then a young man carried the torch of worship, spreading it into the lands of Nadina, near-by to the Barony of Banecroft. Autumn Rose's temperament is that of a sad yet strong person, laughing through sadness, crying tears of joy. She has visited the Realms in the flesh numerous times, each time as a buxom strawberry-blonde, dressed in the fair of autumn strolling and a jaunty cap. She understands the cycle of things (as autumn is her season) and thus things must sleep or pass away to be made new again in Spring. She does not like necrotic magics nor the undead (viewing these as unnatural). Worshipers of Autumn Rose tend to lean towards Healing as a magical or mundane preference, and little shrines in the past few years have actually been showing up in odd places around the Realms.

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