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The Dealer

Name: The Dealer, God of Luck and Gambling
Domain: Luck, Gambling, Chance and Games
Symbols: a pair of dice
Avatars: none
Plot marshals: Ian Struckhoff
Area of Influence: Val'Dara
Originally made from nothing but a voice along with many other gods, the Dealer came to power at Feast of Min 18. The Dealer won the right to ascend to godhood, and raised the Pale Queen up beside him at the end of the tournaments. As the God of Games and Luck, his worshipers can be found frequently in casinos and taverns. He is seen as light-hearted, and rewards those who rely on luck and whatever fate has to give them. He is usually dressed in either a suit of all black with a fancy hat and scarf, or in the glittering golds mixed with snazzy red and black for more brighter attire.
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