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War on the empire

Author: Quazar
Date: April 28, 1002
On this very rainy and dank day the Baroney and empire met at Champion of Rathkale tournies for war. I will not sit here and transcibe we did not provoke or dvserve it only that it was a different time... we were different people.

Rathkale for the most part guarded the border to their lands. Chimeron led by Sir Lucas stood by to ensure a "fair" war. The army fielded by the Baron was vast. Sir Morgel of House of Phoenix as well as others unknown created a formidable sea against us.

The war was over in mere minutes. The majority of the Borderlands were killed beyond salvage. Some of this was due to the numbers needed to be brought back and some was due to the beliefs of the Church of Chaos.

With this war the empire was effectively destroyed.
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