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From Hell's Heart

Author: Quazar
Date: 6/1005
Account from Hell

This is a historical and personnal account of one attempt of taking power from a wouldbe invading army. I post this so those who seek glory or those who seek to judge me would know what it takes, sometimes, to get the job done.

In the year 1005 a group of mortals went in to Hell to take power away from the Black Zodiac. We had 2 hours to defeat, nay, solve 13 altars to various aspects. It is one of the few times I have seen the Heroes of the Realms work together so well. Upon entering we fanned out in to small groups. Some working on altar, others defending from Horrors that attacked.

As our time wanned there was a shout warning we had 20 min left or we would be trapped. I went ahead of the crowd seeing if we had any altars left. I encountered Ranger and Shadow. They wer standing infront of an altar with a dagger on it. They said neither of them could pick it up due to having a protection cast on their souls. I picked up the dagger, not having the spell on me. A voice filled my mind asking "who has betrayed you?". I answerd no one and the dagger instantly left my hand and appeared on the altar again.

I searched my mind for someone, anyone, who had betrayed my trust, my honor, anything to get us all out of Hell in time. I found one example.

I left the altar to go find Rillian, then of the Borderlands as I was. I found him dead. I raised him and asked for his assistance not telling him what was ahead. I knocked him out as we walked. At the altar I picked up the dagger and when the question was asked again I killed Rillian with the dagger. The voice filled my mind again "the job is not yet done". I voiced this and concerns about bringing my countryman back to life to those around me. They offered to feed him from a cup of life. I scalped Rillian to save everyone thinking I had done little harm.

When he regained conciousness he brought charges of atrocities against me. This altar, it seems, brought with every one of my strokes a sense of hurt and betrayal to Rillian.

We all made it out of hell to my knowledge.

Later the next day I was tried and found guilty of my crimes. King Jarrod sought to have me scalped and raised immediatly. That however is another story. I don't think what happened is what he had intended.

High Priestess of eris
Order of the Red
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