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Another Missive

Type of Missve: mass distribution
Date: unknown
Responses: yes, included
Can't you hear them??
They're dying...
We need to act avatar... Soon... Or too many will fall. To many lives are being snuffed out...
Please find me... We've little time??
Cant you hear them crying out??


You continue not to understand. Do you think that I sit back and watch? Have you wondered at the least why the minions at Blood Falls have not been washing over your people? Have you wondered why the Centaurs have not fallen completely? Have you wondered why Xenoth has not succeeded in his plans? Have you thought how the Thunderwalkers and the rest of the tribes were able to make it to safety without being entirely overrun?

Have you asked? Have you even divined what has been going on? Have you wondered?

I may be an avatar, but there are only so many places I can be. I fight him with little to no end, and have little to no aid. The gods become restless, as does Her Divine Light as I plead your competence. I hope Your Ker-al'ian is as good as the legends say, for the gods will rain down upon you should I fail.

Your time has come. You want my attention and wisdom, then you must come to Blood Falls for I have not the time to come to you, my apologies.

May Her Divine Light Shine Upon You,
Kiolin, Avatar of Rein

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