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Missives in response.

Sir Cain,

Why do you feel.that this War against Illinar is more important than combating the forces of Zermarx, which as we idly write back and forth among one another, occupy My Homeland, and have been since our efforts at Folkstone Questing nearly a year ago. My Lord is currently being controlled by Zermarx, my lands used for his own will. The Lands are unfit for me and my countrymen to even live in!
So I ask of you, what makes the threat in the South more immanent than that of Zermarx which has so recently effected The Realms as a whole, and defeated you as a whole. Is it that you are scared to return to my homeland, and face what awaits you there? Is it that you view Paradise as more important than Blackwood?

Lieutenant of the Armies of Idaris.
I will remind you that I was one of many who stayed late in the
campaign last year in an attempt to retake your homeland. I am as
sorrowful now as I was then that it was unable to be successful. My men
sacrificed themselves in an attempt to restore that which was rended
from you and your countrymen. If there was another opportunity so
presented, I would gladly be there along with those who share my colors.

There is nearly limitless darkness that strikes against this world, and
various threats that come into our focus. It is often the case that we
are not afforded an opportunity as granted by fate or our gods to strike
down a particular foe. As of yet, I do not see such an opportunity with
Idaris, nor do I have the information necessary to develop such an

I have publicly requested information regarding Blackwood for placement
in the library of the City less than two weeks ago, and to date have not
received anything. It is a threat I know nearly nothing about and have
little previous insight into.

So then let me ask you, what can be done about your homeland? If you
are requesting help, then please state what you know about its current
state, the problems that affect it (I understand there is a long history
there), and what can be done to solve it. What do you know or not know?
Let us start there.

Many brave people do what they can for this world. It is heavy work for
few hands. Threats are not about priorities or about who lives or dies;
that manner of thinking leads to internalized darkness and cynicism. It
is not about blame or about who did or did not act. It is about the
opportunity and the bravery to do what you can and to be the best you
can be.

Ask of this, and help will be afforded where it can. What can one man
do to save his homeland? Much, but even more if he asks for help. What
can be done there? How can one make that opportunity for success

-Squire Cain
The City of Ivory

You have an interesting grasp of common grammar. Please have one of your educated elders proofread your missives before splattering this dribble across our fair taverns. I believe that Mr. Of Aurora is not ignorant of your plight. I even hazard the guess that he would love nothing more than to wipe this undead scourge from our lands.
But, I could be wrong. Ivory might just be the vanguard of a TOTAL UNDEAD INVASION. They are probably in a secret planning meeting, plotting, planning and eating YOUR cheesecake. Cheesecake stolen from your very pantries...
Or, perhaps...maybe... the stars have aligned in such a manner that allows for a strike upon this foe. My guess is you'll have your chance to hit Zermarx in the face sometime in June...

Love Always

Sir Veros

First off I would read what you are responding to before you send out these missives. Nowhere in his Missive does Cain claim that the threat caused by the False King Gabriel's army, nor that of the Hand of the Dark, is 'more important' than any other threat to the Realms at this time. Perhaps you should think about that before attacking anyone else with your poorly thrown together words. But I will say it. The threat of Gabriel's invading army IS much greater at this moment in time. Idaris is taken and has been for sometime if what you say is true, sorry I know very little of the Zermarchs threat as I spent much of those battles on the western flank, but Paradise and their people still live and are in danger due to this.
Would you truly wish to turn a blind eye and allow what has happened to your home happen to others simply becuase it happened to yours? And what makes it more immanent you say? How about the army of 20 thousand strong waiting to assault the city? How about the 180 thousand more sitting on the other side of the portal? And if that isn't enough how about the Tempest raging to be released? And you don't think Illinar has affected the realms as a whole? Perhaps you should work on your history as well as your manners. Take a quick look at the map of the Realms, see New Illinar?
Gabriel's time is running short but we need all we can to bring his warmachine to a halt. And Vasdre, calling my friends cowards is kind of a problem for me perhaps you should think about your words before you utter them next, just some friendly advice.

Sir Gaiden Shadowfyr of Folkestone
Knight of the Blue Rose

I did not intend to issue my response to The Realms as a whole, and it was simply due to a miscommunication. It was meant to be sent exclusively to Cain, and him and I are discussing it amongst ourselves. If you wish to throw numbers at me, then perhaps you could take in the numbers Zermarx is gaining on a daily basis from my lands. The magics of Blackwood have made it so a vast majority of its inhabitants, close to all in fact, are Undead. As Zermarx invaded and claimed these lands, all of the undead suddenly became his puppets, and more continue to fall and feed his armies. Those among Zermarx includes My Lord. So I ask you, how would you feel if Zermarx's grasp had not faded from Folkstone so quickly? What if your King became a minion, a tool to his war? How would you feel then, if instead of organizing efforts to regain your lands, the 'Heroes' of the Realms chose to march on the Illinarian front and simply say "We'll deal with Jared later, it's not important" That is how I felt when I read Cain's call to Arms.

Lieutenant of the Armies of IDaris

My heart is glad to know that the war of Faerie is
over. Will Owen join you in this war for a final ride,
or does he choose to dwell in his realm now?

Victory can provide six wagons of grain and assorted
dried meats owing in part to a mild winter, but we
have too few guardsmen to walk the walls now. We will
send what we have to Chimeron Castle to aid in your
war effort. I only wish we could do more.

May your blade ring true,

Sir Elwick Dragonsburrow
Steward of Tuath Fasach
Knight of the Free Kingdoms
Sir Elwick,

Sir Owen, now His Majesty of Fae, has much to tend to in the
once-broken realm. The countless centuries of destruction have been
cauterized by the hands of the brave, both mortal and Fae, but healing
the true scope of the destruction will take some time. Oberon Loyalists
and other minor annoyances continue to plague his court post-campaign.
Unless King Pyr or another calls upon him specifically (I don't believe
that he will), he will remain in Fae.

As always, your support in the form of food and other supplies is
largely welcome.

To those who may have other supplies to offer from a light Winter: I
intend to be taking as many prisoners as I can, rather than laying out
bodies. I have no stomach for needless bloodshed in a war for
liberation. There are many hungry mouths to feed; ones that I would
seek to detain in honor and relative comfort and safety until the war's

The bloodthirsty loyalists to Gabriel will be sent for judgment at
bladepoint; the conscripted farmer turned soldier will be taken in and
allowed to walk away from this hell that has been imposed upon him. Hope
is found in a balance between valor and kindness. I make no illusions, I
may only walk out with prisoners equaling 5% of the total army, but that
is still a sizable group of people.

To do so, I will need more supplies. A good deal of supplies.
Chimeron has its hands full with supplying it's own troops. Ivory has
little surplus of goods or materials that can be exchanged for food
above what we are providing our unit with. If anyone else can
contribute extra wagons of food, lumber if possible, or iron in raw or
refined form, we'll be able to press onwards in this war and save as
many lives as we can in the process. We expect to be able to take some
supplies along the way, but Illinar is fairly resource-poor at this

Sir Elwick, as always, your assistance and well wishes are greatly
appreciated. I hope to see you at some point in the upcoming weekend, if
nothing more than to thank you in person.

Light be our guide,

-Squire Cain
Unto the businessmen of Corsica:

I don't have a particular insight into a process of getting boats on a
short time frame, so I'm going to come to you. I'm going to need a quote
on what it's going to cost us to get two medium fishing trawlers
dry-docked and ported through Westmarch, south of the lake adjacent to
New Darkharbor.

  • Purchase preferable, contract available if nothing else is.
  • Original or documented ownership only please. No "acquisitions" or
  • Short time frame
  • I can provide a crew if necessary
  • Armaments unnecessary
  • Must be willing to fly military colors
  • No hazard pay for sailing through LK waters. Dry-dock only

    I can be found at Chimeron Castle for the time being.

    -Squire Cain
    City of Ivory

    The war with Illinar is an increasing issue and our weary but faithful people are yet again standing against an onslaught.

    We will need trade, foodstuffs and we will need shields to keep back those that try to overrun Paradise.

    Those that would join in this effort, please contact me and we can discuss what we will do and strategy of things to come.

    Death Before Dishonor,
    King Sir Pyr DarkWillow
    As time draws closer, we will be working very closely to make sure that
    everyone's strategies are on the same page. We're all in the same army
    here, and we hope to get everybody rallied. I'm hoping to get Grimloch
    fully on board at Green and Gold, and whomever else I can. I'm pushing
    for over 40 enlistments, so we can name three Generals, and get the
    associated benefits there of a large, diverse leadership structure. Who
    signs up will be a true measure of how successful our recruitment
    efforts have been.

    I'm planning between one and three initial missions for this weekend,
    largely espionage-based to make our initial push easier if at all

    I'll keep you all on top of what I know as I learn more. We're in the
    process of preparing information handouts for people for day-of during
    the war.

    Iím rallying Baronials in this effort, old wounds run deep and we will be conferring on strategy. My first task seems to be putting the Baronial economy on a war footing.

    (and then finally on May 14th, 1007 M.R.)

    So it is said that the armies of Chimeron, supported
    by troops sent from Eagles Rook and the city of Ivory
    converged upon the Illinarian advance. Even as the
    city of Paradise threatened to fall to these dark men
    and women brave heroes emerged, as if they stepped out
    of the night. Adventurers who have long stood against
    those who would seek to slay all that they could for

    They held the southern gate against General Kursts
    van, and bloodied his nose by defeating two of his
    prized Tempest Witches in the field.

    They secured the tower of Tyche, thus allowing the
    radiance of the Five Ladies to continue to prevent the
    invaders to use their teleportation magics within the
    city walls.

    Then again they went to the gate, where the soldiers
    of Ivory were failing in their defense. When the
    fighting seemed thickest, and all was lost Cuchullain
    arrived with many allies from Faerie.

    Routed and now outnumbered, the Illinarians withdrew,
    but not before dealing heavy casualties, chiefly to
    Chimeronean defenders. The death toll is still being
    calculated, but initial estimates indicate 7,000 dead.
    Many will be raised, but many more were scalped in the
    battle south of Paradise.

    New Illinar is ever a threat, but for now at least
    Paradise is safe.
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