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To the Heroes of the Realms, The Oracle has more word for you about your futures, and thus I will share it. "Now that the dead one has risen, he will be stronger than ever before. His foes, though, grow stronger, and one of them seems fated to be victorious. One became two became three became two, and now three more are sought, but there are other ways for the independent follower to summon his master. Two came early, one at a time, and then six more arose and begin to grow. Two will grow yet more in the year to come. One does not need what he already has." As usual, her words may be perfectly accurate, but are not at all easy to understand. My mistress the Pythian Oracle speaks in riddles. I hope you can make sense of them. I was able to be there for your festivities this weekend, and due to my closeness, I think I know what happened regarding the Little Ones. The Little Ones referred to in recent prophecy are small gods, new gods just arising for the first time, apparently due to the End of Days. SUch gods sometimes arise, but never before so many in such a short time. It seems that two arose before the Day of the Small Gods. On the day itself, six arose. I list them in the order of the power they gained. Lyzander, god of retribution and justice Autumn, apparently goddess of autumn, and healing Morti, goddess of death Münch, god of sweet snacks Gavlin, god of disappearance Raya, goddess of the rays of the sun Most have gained at least one Priest. If you are curious to learn about them, or the nature of these new but already powerful gods, I suggest you seek out their priests. I know that Phoenix of Vanguard is now Priestess of Lyzander, and I believe that Addarock of Creathorne is Priest of Autumn, as is a woman named Ayame. For those of you who doubt, these new beings truly are gods, but of course not necessarily as powerful as some of the gods you are familiar with.
Yours,The Herald of the Pythian Oracle

A Missive from Nero, May 1001:
Unto the Realms,
We have news from the Seeress and Seer of the Northern Wildes. I admit I am no expert at interpreting the symbols of the divinations of others, but thought perhaps I would give my interpretations of some of the prophecies to begin discussion. My thought is that I only recognize parts of these prophecies, and other people may be in the same position. If we work together, we may be able to make sense of some potentially very useful information. Hopefully my comments will only be a beginning.
The Web of Time corrodes and crumbles, but some spiders spin on regardless.
I suspect this has to do with the End of Days, and the fact that other threats to the Realms continue even as we begin to repair. On the other hand, “spider” may refer to weavers and not hunters, so it is hard to tell.
The Dark Childe hides, and not all her children pay Her heed.
Marra. There is reason to think not all of her many creations and other followers are totally loyal. Or this may mean they are not following her lead in hiding, and are active. Marra has been hiding for some time, presumably waiting for the right moment.
The Tigress bides her time for when she may be released to Hunt in earnest.
A familiar reference, but I do not know enough to know what it means.
Where there were 26, there are now 21.
Unraveling is the Web. Will she repair it, or let it unravel?
Is the web here time, or perhaps her own plans? More likely that latter.
The First Hunter walks these lands, drawn by the Bloody Moons that call him Lord. Hunger is multiplying, and The First Hunter is beginning to hunt his own, for he knows they hold the Keys to the End of the Hunt.
I believe this means Azrael walks the Realms. Normally, this would have me sweating, but I wonder if he isn't at least temporarily on our side in a strange way. It seems he is hunting Vampires for some reason, possibly because there are too damn many because of Marra. There are a number of reasons why this might lead to the end of vampirism. Regardless, it makes sense, because he has worked against Marra in the past.
She spins, but is she the Moth or the Spider?
The possibilities of a Change or a Trap seem to be alluded to here.
The Elder of Forests heard the words, but did he ken their meaning?
Which of Her natures will win? White Rose or Endless Hunger?
I assume this is a contrast between someone's humanity and their vampirism. Whose, I don't know. I would suspect Marra, but I don't think we are likely to see much of her human side.
The Lines of Power are being corrupted. The Winter stalks to eat the spring.
Your guess is as good as mine. Probably better.
The Star Child prepares for his ascendance to the Throne, but the Ones that Destroy will seek his heart to end his Potential before it is time. Take heed! His Guardian lies near forgotten, wings in torpor, fire quenched.
Likewise. The ones that Destroy may be the Kal-cre-Bain, but I'm sorry to say we've got more than our fair share of destroyers in the Realms, so without context I don't know what this means.
The Four and One search in earnest now, for Honorary Children. More to fight, More to learn, More to Teach. But is it too late?
No. It is not too late.
The Shadow Masters will do bloody battle -- but will the old or new be victorious? And what price will be for the power attained?
Again, I have no clue.
We see much. The wards are crumbling. Hard it is to remain atop the current.
It is the End of Days, and it looks like things are going to be serious from all fronts this year... Let's just hope there is a next year for us to defend.


This message is found posted in a few taverns, and announced a few times insome rather large city squares."The Shards serve All and One. I am bid to do my Part for I Understand...The Chaos and Creation and the Struggle and the Strife, The shattered bits of future are buried like a knife in my heart and head.The Patterns swirl and sway, and I listen with ears not jaded... The newlearn, the old assume.Nameless I will serve.Lady of Madness, Lady of Profesy, Lady of Struggle, Lady of Magic, Lady ofChangeFive faces of One Goddess blazed across the Sky!Pour down your sacred Light!Call your Plodding Brother to His home.Pay heed to the gift of Blood and your Sacred metal,Pay heed to the Chaos of the Sea, it's strength and fury constrained to thetask,Pay heed to the Sacrifice of the little father of Everything to Nothing,Pay heed to the Seven Colors of One Creation, Woven and Constrained,Pay heed to Calls of the Fallen and the Celestial,Pay heed to the blessed Cacophony of Jarring Summoning, and the Wyld thatwould answer it,Pay heed to the power of the deaths and chaos of Blood, Victory and WarThey stand upon the Brink of all is was and here thereLook over the lands to those that were warned and believe.The children that play.The mages that mutter.The secret monger, squirreling away all that is important..Know the Shards are praying, one and all. At some time, at some place, atsome When, in some fashion to All and One.Accept my gift to this endevor, to you, my Lady by Choice and Design. TheConfusion. The TRUTH. The Madness. The Power.

You rescued Lorhner! That's great news! Thank you!
Lorhner was my friend, and adventurer who retired years ago. I miss him.
Lorhner was the cleverest sage and loremaster of his generation. He retired
from active adventuring, but I kept in sporadic contact with him until recently
he disappeared. Now thanks to you, I know what happened.
The Hunter is associated with the Nameless One's forces, but not the
shadowbeasts. The Hunter hunts down targets for the Nameless One,
last time it was used to gather the blood samples the Nameless One
used to create Folkesclone.
I'd better check that poor Lorhner isn't a blood clone, vampyric thrall,
or posessed by a Macmadren (as a fighter, he's particularly vulnerable
to those). Again, thank you for your part in his rescue! I was worried
about him. Thank you doubly for writing to let me know!
Baron Diamond

Baron Diamond,
Yesterday as we ventured into the caves we came acrossed a group of villagers and peasants. One of them was a very weak man. From speaking with him I learned that he was Lorner. While we were speaking he asked me to tell you that the Hunter is back, and he has the mark. I couldn't make exact sense of this, but with the help of Avendar I learned the Hunter has to do with the shadow beasts. I hope this is of some help to you.
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