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Metron's Book

Reprinted here by his request. -- Sir, KoEF, April 3rd, 1008 M.R.

The Nameless One
:A collection of Relevant Information:

Compiled by Metron Dragonsvalley and Kiptara

The Kal-en-dral

The Kal-en-Dral are the group of gods that created me. I have often been asked for information about them, so worked up these pages.
-Sir Tetch Twiceborne, Knight of the Eternal Flame, Magus of the Realms

The Kal-en-Dral are a group of gods.
The Dral are the embodiment of the Elements Earth, Air, Water and Fire.
The Kal are the Spirits behind the Elements. They are Four and One.
Each of the Dral has an Aspect, or a general method of dealing with things, or a general way of looking at things. There are exceptions, of course, as the Kal-en-Dral are not beings of Law and Order, but of Nature and Balance.
The Kal is often viewed as a singular entity, merging all of the Dral within Itself. back to top Hierarchy: There is a hierarchy of beings within the framework of the Kal-en-Dral. In descending order:
Kal (the Gods)
Dral (the Elements)
Cybelen (the Handmaidens/Angels/Demi-gods of the Kal)
Gemari (the teachers) and Munuko (the wanderers)
Rani (the children)
Guardians, the demi-mortal caretakers of Kal-en-Dral interests in the Realms, are considered Cybelen while in office.

The Aspects:
Each Element of the Kal has a different strength, weakness, balance, sphere of interest and a traditional location.
The following are generalities only, and do not describe every being.

Earth (Ko)
Strength: The Mother: Renewal, birth, healing, nurturing, growth, protection
Weakness: Shortsighted. Doesn't think in Tomorrows, but nows and thens.
Balance: Cannot refuse to help a being of this plane that needs renewal, or healing
Spheres of Interest: Strength, Stability, Immovability, Armor, Fortitude, Healing, Birth, Regeneration.
Traditional Location: East
Water (Ma)
Strength: The Crone: Flexibility/Adaptability. Three base-elements in one.
Weakness: Fickle.
Balance: Instability.
Sphere of Interest: Death, Life, Protection through Adaptation, Spirit/Soul/Will, Wisdom.
Traditional Location: North

Air (To)
Strength: The Hunter: Universal, is everywhere and everywhen. Time Travel.
Weakness: Short Lived.
Balance: Cannot speak of the Future in anything but Riddles and hints.
Sphere of Interest: Knowledge, Seeker, Teacher, Prophesy, Voice.
Traditional Location: West

Fire (Ka)
Strength: The Warrior: Combat oriented.
Weakness: Strait forward, Direct and Blunt
Balance: Destruction. Fire only exists through the destruction of something else.
Sphere of Interest: Purification, Destruction, Will, Cleansing through Destruction.
Traditional Location: South

Conversation with a Rani:
“I am a Ka-Rani, which loosely translated means ‘Fire Child,’ though that is not strictly accurate. ‘Ka’ also is ‘Darkness’ and ‘Starlight’... there are ‘Dark’ Ka-Rani, they are rare and shy... Today I am called Kess-Ka, but my name and demeanor is as flexible as flame. To-Rani are ‘Air Children,’ Ma-Rani are ‘Water Children,’ and Ko-Rani are ‘Earth Children.’ Most of us are pretty temporary, except the Ko-Rani who tend to be more inflexible... Most Rani names are short, with an extra syllable proclaiming what kind of Rani they are... So, I am Kess of Ka or Kess-Ka. Even the bigger servitors of the Kal-en-Dral follow that principle... The munoko and the Cybalen also have names followed by their aspect...
“The Kal-en-dral are gods... The Kal is the One Spirit that guides us all... The Dral are the Spirits behind the elements... Ka, as I mentioned before, is fire, light, darkness and starlight... We tend to be direct creatures, and are often sought by those who wish to fight... We can heal, but do so by destroying that which harms the whole, not through care of the sick... it is our nature to destroy, to feed, to break down things into ash... We tend not to be gentle, but can save the cold -- but the price again is destruction... We make fires to make strong blades, to make food that will not make people sick, to keep people warm... Fire is important, but the price is always destruction -- that way we are always in balance... Ma is water, the spirit of life, flexibility and sometimes spirit. I do not know much about water, I'm sorry... I'm sure you could figure out why... where I am heat and light, she is cold and sometimes death... Where our balance is destruction, hers is instability. Water changes constantly. Trusting a Ma-Rani is acceptable only if you can read its phases... They are not direct beings... and prefer to remain out of conflicts as is their strength... You would be hard pressed to fight a water being -- as it is too flexible... To is Air and as such knows much since To is everywhere... To is also a being of Prophesy, as To can go forward and back along the streams of time... They are balanced by their lack of focus, they can not speak their knowledge strait out, as that would upset the balance... they are the shortest lived of the Rani, changing frequently... Ko is the earth and the Earth... She and they are the mothers, the force of birth, renewal and life... She is very kind, but often doesn’t see the long term effects of things -- she is a healer... She heals everything of this earth - good and bad... It is her balance... Where we would destroy, she builds and cannot help but build... It is her balance to heal everything, renew everything... Each aspect has a direction, a place where we are considered to ‘be.’ Ka is south, Ma is north, Ko is east, and To is west...
“The Kal-Cybelen (Sib-el-in) are bigger than the Rani -- almost gods in their own right... the Munuko are those that wander far and near of our home, Munuko (Moo-new-koh) means ‘nomad,’ Gemari (Jem-are-ee) means ‘teacher’... they are the representatives of the Kal on Earth... No mortal has ever met the Kal or Dral, they are too big, it would likely drive you mad, so the Kal made the Cybelen, Munuko, Gemari and Rani, so they could better interact... Do you follow?”
“I believe I understand Kess-Ka, but how are the Kal-Cybelen, the Munuko, and the Gemari different?”
“The Kal-Cybelen are the largest of the others. They also tend to be stationary and long lived. Dama-Ka of the Mountain of Power is the heart of the mountain... She is the force that helped forge Dorthak, the dagger that destroyed Skullcrusher... The Kal- Cybelen are sometimes called ‘Handmaidens’ of the Kal-en-Dral... They usually perform a function or task...”
“They would seem to have different roles by their titles. The Rani serve as translators and messengers, bringing the words of the Kal-en-Dral to us -- is this correct?”
“Yes and no... The Rani are not as good at serving as the Kal-Cybelen and the others... We are sometimes too small... and too temporary... The Toh-Rani are often messengers and translators, but the other Rani are not often suited to those tasks... The Rani are often too distracted, we are all more or less the ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ of the Kal -- They interact through us sometimes, but for important things they rely on the bigger ones ...”
“What is the purpose of the other representatives -- what are they on Earth to do?”
“As I mentioned, the Cybelen are usually stationary, performing a single task or doing something... The Munuko are similar in power and longevity to the Cybelen, but are nomadic, they do not have a ‘home’...
“The Gemari are teachers... It has been a long time since a Gemari has been with you... the Kal are not well known... So teachers are not in high demand...”

Guild Kal-en-dral:
In April of 93, Guild Kal-en-dral was founded by Guildmistress Tetch Wildsong. It has been primarily a healer’s guild, as Tetch has always been inclined to follow Ko. The Guild has always been small, having from 1 to 5 members at any given time. As the tides and shape of magic has come and go, the Guild’s face has changed, and as apprentices become more and more independent have wandered the Land, some continuing in the teachings of the Kal, some not.
Tetch Wildsong was Guildmistress from 4/93 to 6/94, when she was killed in a strike against the Vampyric God Thanatos. Willow Brightsong became Guildmistress at that time, until Tetch’s return to sentience about a month later. When Wildsong died (9/20/97), the guild fell to Tetch Twiceborne, and has stayed there since.

Roster of members (Past and Present):
Tetch Wildsong : Dead
Willow Brightsong: Moved, still has Guild Standing
Tetch Twiceborne : Active
Fynne Gilee Kiden : Left
Randall the Light : Left
Taen : Missing, but still has Guild Standing
Storm : Missing, but still has Guild Standing
Tara Silver : Active
Miada Thistlethorne : Active, sort of...

The Northern Wildes:
The Northern Wildes are protected almost directly by the Kal-en-Dral, through their demi-mortal Guardian.

Guardians Past and Present:
The current Guardian of the Northern Wilds is Stormborne.

Guardians - from Past to Present are as follows:
Green Daughter -- the first Guardian lived to be over 2000 years old.
WilderKin (Still Living, the Eerie)
(MoonSinger -- Killed by Sir Peregrin, she was the only failed Guardian)
WildSong (Dead)
ShadowRider (Still Living, Cawdyll)
StormBringer (Dead)
StormBorne (Current Guardian)

Tetch (Te-Che) Twiceborne was never a Guardian of the Northern Wildes, though she has the form and memories of the Wildsong.

The Northern Wildes are a place of sanctuary to the rare and magical breeds of the Realms, not all of them “good,” but all are “natural,” and are subject to the predation of man and other sentient races. Do not go hunting in the Wildes and expect no consequences for your actions -- if the residents of the Wildes don't get you, the Guardian will...
If you must travel through the Wildes always stay to the paths, and do not cut wood, make fires or attack the dissidents you find there. Orcs, Goblins and other such races are not indigenous to the Wildes, and may be attacked or defended against.. but don't leave the path to do so.

Some notable Residents of the Wildes:
Jaymir and Ebony: Two Black Unicorns, one male and one female, grace the Wildes. In Green Daughter’s time, there was a sizable herd of Unicorns, but predators and time have taken their toll.. Both are noted for their healing abilities.
The Savage Beast: It used to be that only one Savage Beast graced the Wildes... currently, there are 7. One kit, Melody, has been taken from the Wildes under mysterious circumstances. Return of the kit would be greatly appreciated.
Ebon and Dormoth: Two Dragons. Ebon is currently awake. Dormoth has been dormant for some time, but should be awakening in the next couple of years. Ebon’s name is actually Shreeznamal (or something similar) but most humans can't pronounce it, and stick to Ebon.
Dryads, Nyads, and other nature fey inhabit the Wildes.
Treelix: Treelix are a race of flying cat-like beings. They are smart, fast, and have an ability that makes them hard to see when they wish it.
Basilisk: One of the more Dangerous residents, Basilisk should be avoided at all costs...
Ki-Rin: One of the most recent additions to the Wildes are the colorful unicorn-like creatures called Ki-Rin. They are not very friendly being rather territorial.

The Order of KathRani
(The Knights of the Kal-en-dral)

Recently, a band of Munuko to the Kal have decided to take a group of sentients as their “champions” in the world. These “honorary children,” gathered heroes from the realms, are currently undergoing a series of trials to prove their worth.
I have not yet been told the tenants of the order, but I do know the people currently being tested:

Peregrin -- Kathrani-ka
Zeek -- Kathrani-ko
Lars -- Kathrani-ma
Simoon -- Kathrani-to
Lucas -- Kathrani-ka
Noserat -- Kathrani-to

The Recollections of Baron Diamond

This is my understanding of what happened. I might be wrong. In the interests of brevity (too late!) it leaves out innumerable details, but I think it shows the gist. Also I know well Marra's minions must monitor this list, so some things have been left vague on purpose. And of course it's only my viewpoint, limited by who and what I knew. However, as I know I am being actively hunted I dare not leave the picture incomplete. Few are there left who have seen this from the beginning.

300 years ago:
A young being, the protector of the Northern Wildes (and thus aligned with the Kal-en-Dral gods) was embraced by the vampire/god Azrael. As a result of this corruption, she was abandoned (or worse) by her fellow guardians and the Kal-en-Dral as an undead abomination. Being young, impressionable, powerful and immortal, this being became the Nameless One: she added to her personal vampyric powers with all the dark arts she could master, sired her childre Marra, empowered an avatar and raised an army. Then she tried to get back at the world which had hurt her. To corrupt all life, and control it all, so it could never hurt or betray her again. But she was defeated by the forces of civilization. Unknown to all in later years, the Nameless One’s evil was not completely eradicated, but rather trapped in the Lost Gate, a magical construct. Meanwhile, her Childre Marra waited patiently for centuries to revive her beloved mistress.

The Second War Against the Nameless One:

Fall, 994:
Mysterious shadowbeasts destroyed a village near the Northern Wildes.
A strange artifact, “the Lost Gate,” appears and 4 adventurers are lost within it. Tetch is followed by Folkestone and is made captive of Childre, a change-child minion of the Nameless One. Childre’s hubris leads to his death at the “hands” of the forces of nature.

February, 994:
The ancient sorceress Marie asks adventurers to explore the Lost in order to rescue the 4 lost adventurers and to restore the hearts to her Gargoyles. During that questing there are some victories (Gwendolyn acquires the swords Smaug and Fafnir in honorable combat, which destroyed the Nameless One's Avatar in the First War) but many, many adventurers are lost in the Lost Gate. Lady Anne and Lady Dee lead a research project which cracks the riddles surrounding the a mysterious artifact which showed up suddenly. This yields a magical ritual which was used to rescue all lost within the Lost Gate -- turning it inside out. Unknown to all adventurers at the time, this act released the Nameless One and her treasures from their imprisonment.
It is my belief that Marra left this artifact hoping we would deduce its mysteries and release her mistress. By Finagle and Faelie! I just realized -- I was there when the artifact appeared, I might have met Marra herself all unknowing! I remember seeing it being pressed into the hands of some adventurer only a few feet from me ...

July, 994:
Groups of monsters gathered to fight for the right to become the Nameless One’s new avatar. Adventurers quested in the Northern wilds to cleanse it of the Nameless One’s impure feuding armies. The Orc Clan Kurian won the right to be uplifted by The Nameless One. Ironically, their strategy was to run away, avoiding combat while the adventurers slowly slew all the other factions. More importantly, the adventurers recovered two pieces of the Soulblade. It was later learned that the Soulblade was the result of a super-powerful version of a “Hide the Soul” spell... until the Soulblade was assembled and destroyed, the Nameless One was unkillable. It was also discovered that Karena ShadowRider had been taken prisoner by the Nameless One. The adventurers were assisted somewhat by the natural denizens of the Northern Wildes -- the Savage Beast and Jaymir the Black Unicorn.

May, 995:
The Nameless One attacked Folkestone with her army and released her orc avatar, Skullcrusher. Serabet and Garret and Lorhner cleverly turned the Fire Elemental against the Nameless One. Randal recovered Marie's heart, restoring it to her and freeing her from the Nameless One's control. The forces of the Realms and Folkestone achieved victory by the most narrow of narrow margins. The Nameless One's monster army was turned back and Folkestone was unconcerned.
The Gray Company begins sending us mysterious clues on various aspects of the Nameless One.

September, 995:
A small group of adventurers questing in the nexus on the ethereal plane goes through a gate to a sacred grove, where they consult with a grouha to learn more about the next step in defeating the Nameless One. But first their way is blocked by one of the Nameless One's generals with minions. I slew this general in honorable combat.
Later, twenty brave Realmsians quested into Toril Wilderkin's Tomb to find the pommel piece of the Soulblade. While in the Tomb, several adventurers angered both the Kal-en-Dral gods and Tanith of the Gray company by raiding the tomb. However, we were successful -- all pieces of the soulblade had by now been acquired.
Lorhner, through a feat of intuitive deduction which still leaves me stunned, solved an extremely difficult and important mystery.

March, 996:
The Nameless One, having proved that the armies of the Realms can defeat her army, joins forces with Zermarks. Together, they send a strike force which recovers the Mace of Rhomer, an artifact necessary to defeat Zermarks.

June, 996:
Karena, still a prisoner of the Nameless One, is released from her ongoing torture by Sir Shane's sword.
The Shadow hunter appears in this era, systematically hunting down the members of Folkestone. We later learn this is in order to take samples from their bodies, allowing the Nameless One's blood magic to create Folkesclone. Blood clones identical to the originals, but loyal to her.

August, 996:
Zermarks meets his final death at the hands of adventurers. The blood clones of Folkestone give us quite the battle. Gwen gives up the swords Smaug and Fafnir in partial payment for us to pass the dragon, allowing us to get the final part of the Valdonian mage's body. With his knowledge, we learn what must be done next. The soulblade is re-forged in a ritual organized by Lorhner. With the help of a fire goddess and an understanding of the rules of reality, the adventurers make great sacrifices to empower Dorthak, a dagger capable slaying the otherwise-invincible Avatar, Skullcrusher.

May, 997:
To-Rani, air elementals bound to service of the Nameless One, obliquely beg to be released. Voltric frees the first one. "Ripples" in reality begin to give the attentive premonitions of how the Dreamwar must happen to have any chance of success. This allows us to take certain precautions which certain aspects of the Dreamwar easier. For one example among many, the fighters had an straightforward time reaching the rendezvous point in the Nameless one's psyche because I had arranged for a guide to meet us.

June, 997: The Dreamwar:
The Nameless One cannot be killed until her Soulblade is destroyed, but the ritual to destroy it requires her true name. In order to find this, intrepid adventurers went on a spirit quest into her mind, itself, our meat bodies inert and helpless. While we did this, others protected our bodies from an onslaught of the Nameless One's armies from within a hastily but precisely constructed fortification. During this battle, McKrye slew Skullcrusher with Dorthak. Meanwhile, in the Nameless One's psyche, we fought the manifestations of her spiritual strength, her ego, until we had stripped it all away to reveal her id, her uncovered self. This left only the hurt child beneath the monster. As we bore in on her, her last defenses swept aside, there was some confusion.
Finally she blurted out, "Do you want my name? Is that what you're here after?" in her hurt child's voice.
"Yes, by Faelie! That's what we've come and fought and died over!" I exploded finally.
She revealed it, and knew no more of that battle.
Amazingly, Randal had already deduced what it was, as he had solved a difficult riddle based on Lorhner's earlier discovery. My first words back in the waking world was blurting out her true name, followed by "Randal was right!"

September, 997:
Now armed with the true name, it was possible for us to cast the ritual to destroy the soulblade. This had to be done at a specific place. This quest was complicated by the fact that only a few could carry the soulblade without being possessed. Those of us who were able to carry it had been sought by the nameless one's minions to strip away that protection. As chance would have it, at this point there were now few who could carry it indeed. Others fought to attain a path for us through to the lake of fire, and I cast the Soulblade in as Heron cast the necessary spell. The Nameless One was now slayable.
The Nameless One summoned Bainen then, evil spirits of Kal-cre-Bain gods, opposites to the Kal-en-dral. I think this was a move of desperation, as the Bainen proved to be a horrible threat allied with her, but not I think fully under her control.

December, 997:
Stuart and Savyne each released one of the remaining bound air elementals. The one Savyne released returns the Staff of Chimeron which it had just stolen. Now free, they give us vital information.

May, 998:
The Marriage of Sir Callin with Queen Meg served double duty as a mustering point for the armies of the Realms to march on the Nameless One's citadel. The Nameless One's armies made a preemptive attack, supported by Machmadren sleeper agents and turtle-like monster reinforcements from another dimension. Queen Meg was kidnapped, and in the battles that raged that night and the next morning, much of Chimeron was destroyed but the Nameless One's army was defeated. I recovered the Staff of Chimeron from enemy hands, and Heron used it to rebuild Chimeron Castle to be even more magnificent than ever. Marie provided us a bold guide to lead us to the Nameless One's citadel, and blacksmiths feverishly worked all silver available into blades for the morrow's battle.
I was appointed general of the army, which was disposed as follows: The army's basic unit of battle was the Squad, lead by the usual group leaders. The squads were organized into two commands of 4-6 squads each. The two commands of the army were commanded by McKrye and Shane. As they marched north, the army was harried by Shadowbeasts and delayed by small armies of undead, goblins and trolls. Excellent discipline and organization kept casualties to a minimum during the march. Arriving Friday at the outskirts of the Northern Wilds, a planning meeting was held. While fighting that night would have put our forces at a big disadvantage, I feared that we could not wait until morning, despite the disadvantages. "We knew this job would be difficult when we took it!" quoth I. I feared that a delay would allow the Nameless One to escape or give her time to cast a powerful ritual.
One alternative was to quest to prevent her from escaping. So we quested to enter Between, a mysterious realm related to both the Dreaming and Reality. The army quickly acquired the elements needed to enter Between. Once there, we capitalized on a conflict between the elemental forces there. An aspect of Karena, Shane's daughter, was rescued from there. We encountered both the evil and remorseful aspects of the Nameless One's personality. We brought the two aspects together and strengthened her remorseful, self-destructive side until it was dominant. We withdrew from Between, confident that she would be awaiting us in her fortress the next day.
On the final leg of our march to the Citadel, we encountered the usual small forces delaying and harrying our approach. McKrye's Command led at first, but I rotated Shane's command into the lead part way through to put fresh troops and undamaged armor in the lead. The approach to the Citadel was guarded with a moat (real water, a foot deep or so) and the single entrance had a portcullis with towers on either side. The Nameless One's army was arrayed within, supported by archers, healers, mages and the Nameless One herself.
Knowing that if we did not break through the gate we would be picked apart until our force was broken, we assaulted the gate with all our strength. Our armored fighters were met by a withering fire of boulders, magic missiles, arrows and fireballs. The only way to enter was by squeezing through the sides of the portcullis one at a time, which was impossible under the swords and pikes of the main part of the enemy army. Casualties mounted and the initial assault faltered. Then the Shadowbeasts led by the Shadowright made a sortie and harried the rear of our army, imperiling our healers where they collected the dead and making our main assault vulnerable to being backstabbed. Worse, the Shadowright, himself, was quite invulnerable (although not a direct threat) and raised the Shadowbeasts periodically. An assassin planted in our midst made his move. From my vantage point on a stump in the middle of the moat, I had a good view and feared for the success of the battle.
Our forces met the Shadowbeast threat in an ongoing skirmish in and around the moat and near the healers. Notable for their successes in those skirmishes were Makhta, Cedric of Rhiassa and Ean of Tuath Fasac and many others. The healers a great job raising our dead with group healing spells while under threat of attack, notably including Kethrellen of Rhiassa and Gwendolyn of Banecroft and those who dragged the dead. But I knew well that the healing magic would run out eventually. We had to have a breakthrough before that happened!
A few moments of the battle stand out in my mind: A vampire minion of the Nameless One fought too bravely and was dragged off by our forces instead of by the enemy. The Staked vampire was brought to Kestrel for decapitation, etc. The vampire tried to use her charm ability to tell him to remove the stake, but his formidable protective magics blocked hers and he finished her off. The Shadowright disrupted our light spells holding his beasts at bay, and he created undead from Aelias and Pedriac of Thorn Valley who he sent after us after they were slain valiantly skirmishing with the shadowbeasts. I split my attention between calling out directives to the army --
“You! Get those dead bodies back to us!”
“Do not attack that shadowbeast alone!”
“Look out behind you!”
“Their healer is the woman in the short brown hair, concentrate your fire on her!”
-- firing arrows through the portcullis into the mass of the Nameless One’s army, and drawing my swords to help intercept a Shadowbeast or two.
Peregrin broke down the portcullis, allowing us a fighting chance! I spotted the Shadowright's contract in the churned-up mud in the gateway, how it got there I know not (presumably it was on a monster slain in the intense fighting there). Even as I called out the order to get that at all costs, Shane dove forward into the blades of the enemy in a heroic but doomed attempt to get it which would have ended the shadow threat. The enemy was too quick and had recovered it from under our noses. The battle raged on.
As a fresh group of raised adventurers rejoined the assault, we finally managed to break into the Citadel. Reinforcements poured into what was a bloody last stand for the enemy. Their healers dead, the Shadowright's contract broken the battle was ours except for mopping up. And dealing with the Nameless One herself. While the main part of the army withdrew to avoid a possible Final Strike, those protected from the blast stayed behind to finish her off. Although the finish was not straightforward, they managed. Peregrine had wisely used her true name to keep her from using her final strike, so all was well. Victory at last, after all these many years!

After the Second War:
Even so, we did not rest easy on our laurels. There was many a minion, Bainen and general who had fled the Citadel which we had to hunt down to ensure the Nameless One's dark legacy was buried.

September 998:
Adventurers seek out and slay a Bainen blocking a trade route to the west. Sir Lucas does more damage the lion's share of the damage to the Bainen.

October 998:
Sir Pyr, Sir Aelias and I successfully quested to restore Marie's beauty, as a reward to her for the great service she had rendered us all.

November 998:
Adventurers ran down the Bainen Ravener. The Ravener was beaten, but would have escaped into another plane if not for a daring and risky move by Sir Lucas.
Nero and Kethrellen attempted to contact the Nameless One's spirit in order to gain insight on how to defeat a pressing new threat. Unbeknownst to them, her spirit was more powerful and canny than they expect, and there was the danger she will be freed. Sir McKrye stopped their ritual.

March 999:
Adventurers undertook a Dark Hunt beneath Chimeron to kill Marra, the Dark Childre of the Nameless One. There we faced Folkesclone again. We were successful in preventing the turtle-like monsters from opening a gate to their home dimension and leading an army through, but Marra slipped through our fingers with her vampyric powers. In the retreat, we faced the Kobold general but in the confusion we were unable to slay him.

June 999:
The Lunatarans promised to aid the Valdonian as a reward for his help. Other adventurers destroyed one of the last remaining Bainen, Hunger.

Late in the year 1000:
We discovered that the shadowpack is still alive, but without new programming (save their last orders, to kill me). It is discovered that someone is trying to take control of them again. The next day, others slew the Bainen Theurge.
That winter, I asked for a volunteer among my followers for a perilous quest. Elwick volunteered, and I tasked him with finding Marra, to seek her out wherever she was. For rumors were that she was walking around in many places of the Realms. He carried this out with great initiative and dispatch. With a group of his friends he learned a great deal about Marra. Furthermore he was unwavering in hunting down Marra's vampyric Childre. Unfortunately his great bravery did him in... for in year 1000 he was trapped by Marra, and the whole Realms was confused by the blood clones of him and a Machmadren possessing the original.
Spring, 1001:
In the invasion of Banecroft, Phoenix freed Elwick from the Machmadren possession. Also, Azrael was present in person, who slew one of Marra's Childre with a negligent wave of his hand! Since then, Marra's vampyric childre dogged our steps at several adventures, and we hunted them when the opportunity presented itself.
Now we have definite word that the Nameless One's forces gather again. Old supernatural allies and valiant comrades have been slain. New vampyresses surface, and old foes raise their heads. A new challenge, your challenge, is before you, Metron. May this record of what came before aid you. For I have found that my greatest tool was not my blade or bow or book of lore, but rather an understanding of how our chief foes think ...

Information Hastily Gathered:

Feast of Creathorne, February 24, 1002:
The KathRani: I was told quite a bit about them at the feast, and they seem to need more help to do a ritual against Marra and the nameless one. From what they were saying, if I would be able to help, I would be a To-Ma sign ... between Air and Water, Knowledge and Wisdom. I’ll check this out further if I can at the Feast of Rhiassa.
Chi-Ru: Literally translates into “Spirit of Darkness.” Chi-Tan (who still lives) is known as the “Old Master” of Chi-Ru magic. Long ago, he trapped a Bainen and learned from it different, darker ways to weave magick. He left these practices in a series of books on the subject, which were eventually found by a group of adventurers, one of which was Gryffon (I think). Learning the magick of the Chi-Ru meant darkening your soul willingly and in effect giving it over to the Bainen. Most of the people that learned it self-destructed or fell to the “dark side,” Gryffon is the only one I know of who has escaped the clutches of the path and renounced it.
The Nameless One and Tetch: She took over Tetch for a time at the feast, and seemed very cocky but also not wanting to be where she was, but she could not escape Tetch’s body (since she had a weave of Protect the Soul on) without someone killing Tetch and raising her with her True Name ... Bright was the only one on-site apparently that should know it -- but according to him, something forcefully makes him forget her True Name every several minutes. I’m not sure what is making him do this, if its something protecting Tetch, or something protecting the Nameless One. It would seem like Bright should tell someone else when he relearns her name, so that they may write it down ... I might volunteer to do this, have her name in my Spell Book, just in case.
Sword of Justice and Sword of Rage: To kill the Nameless One, we need the Sword of Justice (which is lost at the moment?). In the talks with Folkestone, they were basically being idiots (according to Tetch,) they think that the Blade of Rage is what is needed to kill the Nameless one, that it is what killed her before, but it is not. The Sword of Justice was used by Peregrin to kill the Nameless One, not the Blade of Rage. The Blade of Rage was released into the world by the Nameless One (or possibly when the Lost Gate was turned inside out, as reported about to me by the Baron,) so why would she release something herself that could vanquish her? It is a facsimile, a static picture, of the Nameless One’s rage, not a living copy of it. Cecil also called it a Gateway, a window for her to be able to come back, the only one left. The way that it seems to me is that it shouldn’t hurt her, just make her stronger ... In theory, it should not be able to kill her, but is instead a pathway for her to return, as well as a device of empowerment. If Marra got her hands on this, it would be very bad, as she wants so badly for her Sire to return that she’s taking needless risks ... if she had this, I don’t think she would be risking as much. At least we managed to tell the Folkestone people (and the one who has the actual weapon, I can’t recall his name at the moment,) about their error -- and the current owner said he would break the sword one way or the other at Feast of Rhiassa next week.
Tetch’s Fugue States: The first time I was there when she went into one (which she never has any memory of,) she said “It’s a trap.” Later on in the night, she said, quite clearly “She’s coming ...” and repeated “It’s a trap.” Bright seems to think that it is what Tetch is speaking of is a trap that Marra is setting for her own childre, Tabitha. I’m not so sure myself ... it could very well be that she’s planning a trap for the heroes of the Realms.
Marra and Tabitha: According to Bright, Marra embraced Tabitha only last year, and turned her loose on the Realms. Tabitha has learned some of the dark arts to make up for being such a new vampire, and she wants to bring the Nameless One back so she can diablerize her and become more powerful. What Bright thinks, and it makes sense to me, is that Marra wants the Nameless One back so badly, she’s willing to turn someone like Tabitha loose with the idea that she’ll kill the fourth level progeny just after the Nameless One returns. Seems rather risky to me, though. (Azreal would be first level, Nameless one is second, and Marra is third).
During the Second War Against the Nameless One: Tetch could not be there for the final battle, as she was ripped apart by a pack of Shadowbeasts before it. She knows they were led by the Shadowright, which seems to be supported by the Baron’s account. Also I heard of some sort of shield that only certain people could use, and that Peregrin was the only one during the final battle who could use it. Someone named Terry could have also, but he was assigned before the battle to “guard the Western Flank.”
On the Shadowbeasts: There are neutral ones, and also evil ones. The neutral ones are Shadowbeasts that are no longer controlled by anyone. One of this breed appeared at the event during the day time, it is unknown why. They are all effected primarily by silver or magic weapons, and seriously dislike magickal Light, and there are some breeds that can Disrupt Light, and also Disrupt itself.
Who I gathered info around the most: Sir Tetch, Bright, Squire Aeston, Reeve, Cevaris and Zula. (not sure of other titles).
Other Stuff: A couple of odd things ... when I was going back over my notes, I found a small drawing that seems to be of an angel ... as well as a spot of blood. I do not know how these two things got there and it worries me ...

Past Correspondences of Others:

May 2001

I am eager to extract vengeance upon Marra and her minions. I currently wish to join, or gather anintrepid group of vampire slayers to dampen Marra's efforts to disrupt and pervert the Realms. We sound asif we have our chance at this years Convergences.Don't bother writing back to me about how Vampires are "good", or "don't deserve to be hunted."
Elwick Dragonsburrow

Trust me, in this case, I'll just say that I don't think I'm going to be wandering off into the dark on sentry duty for a while with dark-haired women I don't know....*shudder*You go have a nice hunt, 'kay? (send us a postcard)
-Bebhinn (in fact.... I'm taking note for a while of the many benefits of well-littaverns and proximity to tall friendly members of Bonechewer Nation when it'stoo dark outside for most people to see things like a small elf being used as arefreshing evening drink..... actually... Thon, hun, think we could try putting some garlic in the quiche? )

While I may not understand what you are going thoughnow, you are my friend. I will stand by your side andlend my magic to the cause. Always.

To state that Vampire are "good" would be as bad a generalization as saying Vampires are "bad".Revenge, however, is always a good thing. And while I cannot attend theNorth/South war, I may be able to assist you in your quest for vengence.
(Enrik Hawkins)

Unto the Realms,We have news from the Seeress and Seer of the Northern Wilds. I admit I am no expert at interpreting the symbols of the divinations of others, but thought perhaps I would give my interpretations of some of the prophecies to begin discussion. My thought is that I only recognize parts of these prophecies, and other people may be in the same position. If we work together, we may be able to make sense of some potentially very useful information. Hopefully my comments will only be a beginning.>The Web of Time corrodes and crumbles, but some spiders spin on reguardless.I suspect this has to do with the End of Days, and the fact that other threats to the Realms continue even as we begin to repair. On the other hand, 'spider' may refer to weavers and not hunters, so it is hard to tell.>The Dark Childe hides, and not all her children pay Her heed.Marra. There is reason to think not all of her many creations and other followers are totally loyal. Or this may mean they are not following her lead in hiding, and are active. Marra has been hiding for some time, presumably waiting for the right moment.> The Tigress bides her time for when she may be released to Hunt in earnest.A familiar reference, but I do not know enough to know what it means.> Where there were 26, there are now 21. ?>Unravelling is the Web. Will she repair it, or let it unravel?Is the web here time, or perhaps her own plans? More likely that latter.>The First Hunter walks these lands, drawn by the Bloody Moons that >call him Lord. Hunger is multiplying, and The First Hunter is >begining to hunt his own, for he knows they hold the Keys to the End >of the Hunt. I believe this means Azrael walks the Realms. Normally, this would have me sweating, but I wonder if he isn't at least temporarily on our side in a strange way. It seems he is hunting Vampires for some reason, possibly because there are too damn many because of Marra. There are a number of reasons why this might lead to the end of vampirism. Regardless, it makes sense, because he has worked against Marra in the past.>She spins, but is she the Moth or the Spider? The possibilities of a Change or a Trap seem to be alluded to here. >The Elder of Forests heard the words, but did he ken their meaning?? > Which of Her natures will win? White Rose or Endless Hunger?I assume this is a contrast between someone's humanity and their vampirism. Whose, I don't know. I would suspect Marra, but I don't think we are likely to see much of her human side.>The Lines of Power are being corrupted. The Winter stalks to eat the spring.Your guess is as good as mine. Probably better. >The Star Child prepares for his ascendance to the Throne, but the Ones that>Destroy will seek his heart to end his Potential before it is time. Take>heed! His Guardian lies near forgotten, wings in torpor, fire quenched.Likewise. The ones that Destroy may be the Kal kre Bain, but I'm sorry to say we've got more than our fair share of destroyers in the Realms, so without context I don't know what this means.>The Four and One search in earnest now, for Honorary Children. More to>fight, More to learn, More to Teach. But is it too late?No. It is not too late.>The Shadow Masters will do bloody battle - but will the old or new be>victorious? And what price will be for the power attained?Again, I have no clue. >We see much. The wards are crumbling. Hard it is to remain atop the current.It is the End of Days, and it looks like things are going to be serious from all fronts this year... Let's just hope there is a next year for us to defend.

The First Hunter walks these lands, drawn by the Bloody Moons that > >call him Lord. Hunger is multiplying, and The First Hunter is 'drawn by the Bloody Moons that call him Lord.'sheesh... aren't they causing us trouble _enough_?

The Lines of Power are being corrupted. The Winterstalks to eat the spring.Your guess is as good as mine. Probably better.> Well... Most seem to be beyond my meager knowledgethese days. This one here seems easy though...I have heard wind of the Ice Mage in relation to the'Apprentice' and lines of Power. I have also heardthe Ice Mage offering Magic (and Item of it) as wellas protection from the Endless Winter he wishes tobestow upon us all. Thats my guess is this prophecydeals with.But hey! What do I know? Like Sir Guillium says, Iam just a Dream after all... heheI'll keep thinking though.

Here is my interpretation of some of these things.> >The Dark Childe hides, and not all her children pay Her heed.>> Marra. There is reason to think not all of her many creations and> other followers are totally loyal. Or this may mean they are not> following her lead in hiding, and are active. Marra has been hiding> for some time, presumably waiting for the right moment. It is known that at least one (and probably more) of the Vampires Mara has madeare not following her orders and may actually be working against her.> > Where there were 26, there are now 21.> I can make guesses, but they are just that... It could be the number ofVampire "children" Mara has created.> ?> > >Unravelling is the Web. Will she repair it, or let it unravel? >> Is the web here time, or perhaps her own plans? More likely that latter.>> >The First Hunter walks these lands, drawn by the Bloody Moons that> >call him Lord. Hunger is multiplying, and The First Hunter is> >begining to hunt his own, for he knows they hold the Keys to the End> >of the Hunt. >> I believe this means Azrael walks the Realms. Normally, this would> have me sweating, but I wonder if he isn't at least temporarily on> our side in a strange way. It seems he is hunting Vampires for some> reason, possibly because there are too damn many because of Marra.> There are a number of reasons why this might lead to the end of> vampirism. Regardless, it makes sense, because he has worked against> Marra in the past. Perhaps within these vampires there is some secret to be discovered that willlead to a cure for vampirism. >> >She spins, but is she the Moth or the Spider?> > The possibilities of a Change or a Trap seem to be alluded to here. This would indicate to me that someone is making plans, thinking they are the'hunter' laying traps for her prey, but in fact they may be being hunted themselves... I think this alludes to Mara. It is known that Azreal does _not_ like Mara. If he does indeed walk the lands I would suspect he will strike against her.> >The Elder of Forests heard the words, but did he ken their meaning?> I don't know, but it's always bad to miss a warning...> > Which of Her natures will win? White Rose or Endless Hunger?>> I assume this is a contrast between someone's humanity and their> vampirism. Whose, I don't know. I would suspect Marra, but I don't> think we are likely to see much of her human side. It _may_ be Mara, or it may be one of her 'defector' vampires.> > >The Lines of Power are being corrupted. The Winter stalks to eat the spring.>> Your guess is as good as mine. Probably better.> Tom Rime the Ice Mage...> >The Star Child prepares for his ascendance to the Throne, but the Ones that> >Destroy will seek his heart to end his Potential before it is time. Take > >heed! His Guardian lies near forgotten, wings in torpor, fire quenched.>> Likewise. The ones that Destroy may be the Kal kre Bain, but I'm> sorry to say we've got more than our fair share of destroyers in the> Realms, so without context I don't know what this means.> I'm guessing this may be Geoffry (sp). He's a powerful being and I think hemay have been alluded to as the "Star Child" before. It would make sense toodepending on where Ebon the Dragon is right now...> >The Four and One search in earnest now, for Honorary Children. More to> >fight, More to learn, More to Teach. But is it too late? >> No. It is not too late.> I'm certain this is the Kal en Dral. They are looking for more to becomeKathrani (sorry for any bad spelling). Zeek, Aeston and others would have morespecific informaion if you have any questions.> >The Shadow Masters will do bloody battle - but will the old or new be> >victorious? And what price will be for the power attained?>> Again, I have no clue.> > >We see much. The wards are crumbling. Hard it is to remain atop the current.>> It is the End of Days, and it looks like things are going to be> serious from all fronts this year... Let's just hope there is a next> year for us to defend.> > NeroI hope some of this aids.
Heron Silver McKrye
Magus of the Realms
Champion of Gaia

The Dark Childe hides, and not all her children pay Her heed.> > Marra. There is reason to think not all of her many creations and > other followers are totally loyal. Or this may mean they are not > following her lead in hiding, and are active. Marra has been hiding > for some time, presumably waiting for the right moment.I'm pretty sure that there are at least a few that have their own agendas. In fact, I'm almost positive. However, they still will obey Marra if shecommands them directly.> > The Tigress bides her time for when she may be released to Hunt in> earnest.> > A familiar reference, but I do not know enough to know what it means.Scarlet Knight? Just a guess. > >Unravelling is the Web. Will she repair it, or let it unravel? > > Is the web here time, or perhaps her own plans? More likely that latter.I would ask Morgil about this one. He's always talking about "walking theweb" and his goddess being a "weaver". > >She spins, but is she the Moth or the Spider?> > The possibilities of a Change or a Trap seem to be alluded to here.I think it's Marra. She thinks she's so clever, but she's being huntedall the while and someday she will make a mistake. > >The Elder of Forests heard the words, but did he ken their meaning?Arkan of the Forest Runners, maybe? Try talking to him. He's apparentlylooking for a few people.> > Which of Her natures will win? White Rose or Endless Hunger?> > I assume this is a contrast between someone's humanity and their > vampirism. Whose, I don't know. I would suspect Marra, but I don't > think we are likely to see much of her human side.This may not be entirely true. People can hunger for things other thanblood. This could be the inner conflict inside any number of people. Even Marra. Maybe there's a weakness in there somewhere.> >The Lines of Power are being corrupted. The Winter stalks to eat the> spring.> > Your guess is as good as mine. Probably better.Tom Rime. I'm almost positive of this as he keeps threatening to bring oneternal winter, and I know he's corrupting lines of power or somethinglike that. Lay-lines, I think someone called them?> >The Four and One search in earnest now, for Honorary Children. More to > >fight, More to learn, More to Teach. But is it too late? > > No. It is not too late.Sounds like what I heard from Owen about the Order of the Raven. Weren'tthere 4 who came looking for help? Then again, I could be mistaken.> >The Shadow Masters will do bloody battle - but will the old or new be> >victorious? And what price will be for the power attained?> > Again, I have no clue. Umm...I have heard of mages who wield shadows as weapons. Something to do with Teng-Wa. I would start there. The price for these magics ishorribly high. I can't say any more right now.I hope my feeble answers help.

The Lines of Power are being corrupted. The Winter stalks to eat the spring. > > This has to do with the geomantic issues of late particularly with last years Feast of Min and the Apprentice. The latter probally with Tom Rime. He, for most intents and purposes, IS the winter.
"Turn up the Flash Gordon noise and bring more science stuff!" MST3K- This Island Earth

The Elder of Forests heard the words, but did he ken their meaning?To be honest I do not know much on the subject of Marra, so I will not pressume to interpret this vision. However, I should point out that I am not the only Elder in the ranks of the Forest Runner. A good many of you have met and fought with Reeve.I suggest contacting him.>>The Lines of Power are being corrupted. The Winter stalks to eat the >>spring.This, however, is something I am all too familiar with. The being known only as "the Apprentice" has been practicing some foul magic upon the lands. The Ice Mage, who was once a free being, is now simply both a tool and a toy for "the Apprentice". Actions are being taken to rectify the situation.
ArkanForest Runner

Where there were 26, there are now 21.>Okay guys remember those 'watcher Dudes'? Didn't they say that they were here because they lost some of their people and needed to replenish their ranks... The 26 that are now 21....? Jes puttin my two cents in... *shrug*
Gryfinn DemAvalon Greyfeather

August 2001

Greetings Heroes of the Realms,My Mistress bids you all good luck in your ventures versus the variousthreats of the Realms, and invites you to curry her favor and aid in theseventures. Those who would seek to destroy those threats that are hidden needcome take the challenges of the Keeper, and then the challenge of themistress herself.My Mistress has bid us tell you that the more that request her aid in aparticular task, the more likely she will be able to help. But she warnsthat you may only take her challenges once, and only ask a boon of her once.Choose wisely then, the cause you wish to champion, and judge for yourselfhow difficult the task may be, and how much aid you may need to accomplishthe task...For example, the extermination of a pair of vampires took 3 heroes tosucceed in her tests.To gain the location of a lone goblin would take only one hero, whilehunting down a greater vampire would take at least 5 heroes. The Greater thethreat, the more heroes need petition. As a note, those that petition canrequest that others (those that failed the test, or those that have takenthe test already) come with them on their quest, so you need not have everyone that is interested in a particular quest petition for it --especially if you wish to accomplish more than one task.The Keeper will be arriving in your realms in a few days, at the crossroadsof Fort Griffindor.Look for us, (Or listen if Sun continues her incessant singing...)
Sun and Shadow

Greetings to whomever may have found this letter,I, and a few others have uncovered the location of abolt hole for a nest of vampires, numbering six in total. These creatures are responsible, eitherdirectly, or indirectly for the deaths of countlessdozens of Folkestonian peasants who drifted south dueto the... inclimate weather.The bolt hole is in the form of a tunnel that leads underground. A hunter in the area, informed us thatthe tunnel leads to a vast network of interconnectingcaverns below the earths surface. A small bridage of goblins, numbering around thirty watch the cavernduring the day for their Vampiric masters. Some ofthese goblins have fled, after breaking the linkbetween them and the vampires, so they are not allnecessarily pawns now. I seek companions to come withme on that quest. Bring stakes, garlic and magicweapons folks, because we're gunna have us avamp-roast.Also,Tetch had a disturbing vision last Saturday beforedissapearing the following day, of a village, slaughtered and currently teeming with undead. Thevillage is unnamed but lies south of Rhiassa andslightly north of the Borderlands. If transportationcan be arranged, that is something else thatdesperately needs to be dealt with. Vampires,according to Tetch, are involved there as well.All of this mere days before the Final Battle.Tyche Save us,
Elwick Dragonsburrow

Remember,Stun, stake, decapitate, garlic, fire, crossroads.
-Sir Kestrel

Rebel,Quazar and I were planning on traveling the web to get to wherever the vampires from the nameless town you speak of are. I will see you on Sunday.You bring the magick sword, I'll bring the Garlic and Quazar will bring thetorch. Shoot....Now where did I leave that darn shovel?

Questor,Although our paths rarely run together, I understand your situation, and would gladly lend sorcerers and soldiers to your aid. Provided of course that your friends don't strike them down once their purposes have been fulfilled. Please, allow our weapons stand as one against this blatant threat to the safety and prosperity of our united peoples.
The Red Prince
Montey Banks
Agent of Achoria

Red Prince,Sending men to aid that fool will only bring them permanent death.And now, we know you are coming.....Elwick,I long again for the sweet taste of your life - so... noble.
Soon to be Queen of All

Pretentious, to the last. How dare you publically mock me? Foolish thrall, know you nothing of the resources at my fingertips? I sit now in the most heavily fortified outpost within this wartorn land. My men are trained by only the finest of commanders stationed in Pale. Pen no further letters, as they are a waste of ink.
The Red Prince,Montey BanksAgent of Achoria

Tabitha, I care not for the words you've chosen to write to Elwick. Touch himagain, and I swear I will stake you and leave you for the sun myself.

Shalindra,Bring it,I wonder if your soul tastes as sweet as Elwick's... I'm sure you would make a wonderful blood doll....
TabithaSoon to be Queen of All (Oh, please tell me 'I got 2 words for ya!' Argus -- as it would be my pleasure....)PS: I hear the 'lady' Tetch is missing. Don't worry, we'll find her foryou... though we may not return her..

Elwick, It's possible that Mara or someone/something else has started bringing backAkivasha. Her ashes were no longer at the crossroads of her burial sometime back. Mara has long and as far as I know always sought the restorationof Once Moonsinger whenever she has been imprisoned or defeated.Tabitha, I don't think we've had the pleasure of meeting. Perhaps we shall soon.It will bring me great joy to return your soul to the Grey Man for properhandling on to the afterlife or to the Wheel. Make your peace and prepareto be freed from eternal slavery if you would dare to face us.
Magus HeronChampion of Gaia

Tabitha,Leave her out of this, and Tetch too. When last we metI failed. However, I was alone, and you had two othervampires with you. I won't fail again, I'm strongerthan before, your pieces will be scattered to thefour, never to return, by any vile magics.To the rest of you,I do not condone the help of Montey Banks, so I say noto the Red Prince, and he's fat and ugly too. (Fromwhat I hear, as I am never in the same place as himfor whatever contrived reason)On an infinitely more serious note, I've been thinkingabout the vision Tetch repeated to me before shedissapeared, and I wish I hadn't. The first raids ofthe Nameless One fell upon habitats such as the one wewill be visiting... Tuath Fasach fell to a raid ofShadowbeasts as one of Avikasha's (sp?) first largeraids. She then took the dead and turned them into theundead. Is it possible that Marra has partially succeeded in ressurecting the Nameless One? Is Marrajust copying her deceased mistress? Where is thecorpse of the Nameless One? And her soul?Too many questions unanswered, pack your armorfriends, Sunday bears a terrible omen.
Elwick Dragonsburrow

I wonder if your soul tastes as sweet as Elwick's... I'm sure you would make a wonderful blood doll.... >>Then you don't know me very well at all, female....

To Tabitha the Foolish,Wow... you Mara-Vampires are haughty to the last aren't you?Simple enough to remedy. Time for your suffering to end.I'm coming for you Tabatha.And I'm bringing Hell with me.

Who let Aeston hold on to Hell again? Bad things always happen when Hell istaken from it's home.

AKIVASHA, DAMN IT! IT'S AKIVASHA!!!!!!{Kestrel begins to rock back and forth. He hums a tunequietly}> Avikasha's (

To Tabitha the Foolish,Wow... you Mara-Vampires are haughty to the last aren't you?Simple enough to remedy.Time for your suffering to end.I'm coming for you Tabatha.And I'm bringing Hell with me.AestonKathrani-Ma+++Water-Baby!Ah, to drink you to sweet oblivion - at least I know you aren't all driedup!Somehow, I don't think the Kal would approve of you wielding Hell, and isn'tthat the purview of fire, anyway? I think you are forgetting yourself. TheFire-baby was my toy, and shall be so again. He must miss the pleasure of mycompany.And I am hardly suffering, want to join me in a dance? I will show you suchpleasure you will beg for more...If you are coming for me, please do bring company - I do so enjoy freshfood.+++Tabitha,How dare you threaten Barroness Shalindra. You shall pay for your blasphemy.A threat to a Barroness of the Borderlands is a threat to the Borderlands asa whole. We shall make you regret your statement, and you shall end upheadless, staked, and dead by our hands. Then your soul shall be fed toArioch so you may never rise again.That is all.Jonas SaegusA Furious BorderlanderLayman of the Church of Chaos!+++I dare, and will continue to dare. You insignificant worm! I do so hope thata threat to one Borderlander (and her subsequent slow torture) will bringabout the end of you all. I regret nothing. Humans and mortals are nothingbut Cattle, and I mean to brand and herd you all. Any that oppose I willkill to the last in the dark of night, drain your souls dry, and end anychance you have of returning to the cycle, the wheel, or an afterlife. Byall means, try to feed my soul to Arioch -- I think you will be unpleasantlysurprised by the results.
Tabitha,Soon to be Queen of All

To the one know as Tabitha--Truly you are a foolish soul if you believe you can stand against thecombined might of the Borderlands as well as the heroes of the Realms.I hope you enjoy the next few evenings, for they will be your last. You will burn. Perhaps not by my hand, but burn you shall. No one speaks of my countrymen in such a way. Since you seem fond of quoting Argus, let me do the same- Come get some.May the flames consume you.
KrythronBaron of the Bordermarches

Young Vampires these days!Twisting their moustaches and telling everyone how EEEEvil they are...{sigh}When I was your age we didn't talk to our prey. We struck as mist in the night, and left no trail.
-Sir KarionKnight of the Void

I would not be surprised if Tabith has a moustache.
Braemor McCrae

From the trailer for REALMSIAN OUTLAWS: "Tabith was a beautiful woman" "She had a moustache" "I think she had more than a moustache..."*ducks*
-- Javelin Guy

Ah such a sad thing we have here. Wannabe evil beings, oh and vampires to boot. Disappear for a short time while changing addresses and they swarm out of the woodworks. Oh woe is us. Woe is us.Oh who am I kidding. This foolish little underling, who has maybe 30 years of unlife under her belt, hasn't got an inkling on what evil is. Prancing about spouting poorly conceived threats especially apon those they had outnumbered in previous confrontations, and boasting about it like it was a triumph. We have a word for children like that. We call them bullies. Small minded children whom are in need of an ego boost by picking on those slightly weaker then themselves, because they have to find some way to make themselves feel good about themselves despite some flaw that haunts them. Were you just not as pretty as the other girls? Did the boys run away from you at your approach? Is there some song created by the children of your village used to tease you that haunts your thoughts and dreams while you lie down to sleep for the day? Or maybe it's some little nickname they had for you like 'frogface' or "humpback" that they would chant it incessantly during play time. "Tabitha's a frogface! Tabitha's a frogface!"Yes I see it all clearly now. The ugly duckling gets a taste of immortal beauty and strikes out at those who remind her of her childhood. The vampire bully, and her little pack of children nipping at her heels hoping to boost their own egos too. Your a dime a dozen little "frogface," and your sire knows this. Alas though you wouldn't want to anger your sire and disappear to better yourself. You wouldn't want to anger the one person who made you beautiful and never thinks of you as "frogface." You wouldn't want to anger the sire who saw a "frogface" girl seething for revenge that he/she could turn into yet more cannon fodder. I mean your their special little "frogface" and none of those others that they have cherished and loved mean anything now because you are their little "frogface."Ah well maybe someday human's will stop treating their fellows so poorly and we won't see these pathetic "evil" vampire "frogfaces" anymore. If only we could take these tormented children and raise them in our Elven homes where they would be treated with kindness and not shunned...
Laurante D'Armiande
House Kai'Desh of Mezu 'Rhu Taigan
Magus of Slaneesh

Did you just crawl out of a whole I haven't used that in Quite some timeThe Whole F'n Event
(Argus) SAotBy

Kestrel,it is pronounced Voldemort
(Argus) SAotBy

Although positive responses and offers of aid were inshort demand from my last letter, I will informeveryone interested that the vampire bolt hole liesjust a little southwest of Rhiassa, I'm sure you canfind your way there.I certainly hope this won't be a quest for just Zula,myself and Aeston.
Yours,Rebel Ichigiritorennin
Nihandi translation: One who understands something of
the duty they have, or an initiate.
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