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Missives that resulted.

Jeyde, if you're there, please get in touch with me as soon as possible.
Let someone know that you're okay.

Et All

Victory stands still, I think we either have some
fairly drunken rumors circulating, or a possibility of
illusory trickery. I shall make a more thorough
investigation of the grounds, if I turn up anything, I
will gladly send that information out.

Sir Elwick Dragonsburrow

I am fine and safe here in our Home, doing my rounds to make it safer. Like
Elwick said strange rumors are flying. Are you ok where you are? Please let me

Male Mountain Avatar

I am doing alright. I have met with my second Rani, and weird things are
happening. The entire Pass hasn't disappeared, though.

Been studying a lot, working hard with the soil. Been dreaming, but nothing
really good as of late.

You're welcome to come visit, if you wish.

- Wind Flame Avatar

Et all,

Aside from a hard winter and the troubles of past, I am here working and the
Pass has not disappeared to my knowledge. I find it odd that such rumors are
circulating; I meet with a family almost everyday and tend to various jobs so
it would be hard-pressed to have an entire community disappear...

or would it?

Curiously in service,
Why are you out there? There's very little down there....

Just earning my keep in return for knowledge. You're welcome to come out and
visit if you like.

- Jeyde
Stranger things have happened.

What magically appears overnight could magically dissappear just as

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