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General Realms:
The red skies west of Chimeron (and east of Ivory), and out to the east over the eastern sea, have persisted for the past two weeks. Villagers in the area claim to have been having trouble sleeping with what they call "the red storms," and one small village is having problems with spirits that are no longer at rest.

Magic has also been acting strangely in the areas under these "storms." The areas still feel electric, and stifling. The sickly-sweet fungal smells are persisting even more as well.

Kraken Isle:
The Kraken has been a little more active lately, being seen further out from the island than she usually goes. Or perhaps there's more than one?

Fire Isle:
The volcano on this island can be seen to be errupting, pushing out miles and miles of smoke, from as far away as Teng Hua.
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